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Exile Election Is Coming To PS4 & PS Vita (And Sounds Scary As Heck)

Exile Election’s plot involves “Alice”, a mechanical doll, who forces 12 characters to partake in a killing game in an old, abandoned amusement park.

These details emerge following Nippon Ichi Software teasing fans with the launch of a website showing off an image for a new IP.  This week, NIS spoke to Famitsu (translation provided via Gematsu), revealing a few details about the horror title.

The game is called Tsuihou Senkyo, translated as Exile Election, and will be an adventure/visual novel game, and will be released for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

The premise sounds like Saw meets The Park, with Alice forcing her victims to partake in “elections” to determine who lives and who dies.

NIS has also revealed the cast and their respective voice actors as the following:

  • Aasha Tademiya (Risae Matsuda)
  • Alice (Hiromi Igarashi)
  • Hakushuu Izumi (Shun’ichi Toki)
  • Issei Ninjouji (Kengo Kawanishi)
  • Kaasha Tademiya (Satsumi Matsuda)
  • Maa Houshi (Yurika Endo)
  • Michimune Ishidou (Tomoki Inoue)
  • Minoru Himeno (Nao Shiraki)
  • Misai Ichijou (Manaka Kono)
  • Motomu Ichijou (Yoshitaka Yamaya)
  • Raijin Ayara (Taku Yashiro)
  • Shihori Yurizono (Ayaka Imamura)
  • Yuuru Himeno (Natsumi Fujiwara)

Famitsu reports that Exile Election is 90% complete, with an expected Japanese release date of April 27, 2017, in Japan.  There is currently no confirmation of an English version, but the premise alone would be worth the price of admission.

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