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Considering The Message Epic Is Sending By Suing Twitch Cheaters

Lizzie Fourman talks about Epic’s latest lawsuit over the use of cheat codes in Fortnite.

I found out recently through GameSpot that Epic is in the middle of suing two Fortnite streamers.

They’re suing the streamers for using cheat codes during their streams and then turning around to sell those same cheat codes to other folks playing the game.

These acts are in direct violation of a United States law called the “Millennial Copyright Act”, a breach of contract, and the interference of a tort. Brandon Lucas is the primary person Epic is suing for these offenses but Colton Conter is also named in the suit.

I wanted to talk about this because of the message it sends to anyone who considers cheating.

While I can understand and empathize with those who want to gain an advantage they wouldn’t have otherwise, I do not condone this behavior.

I wanted to put that out from the get-go so you wouldn’t be alarmed. But anyway, here’s the point of what I’m saying here.

The Message Epic is Sending

The message for other streamers who are watching closely here is that it doesn’t pay to cheat. You do want to be on the top of the totem pole, sure, but you should never cheat your way there.

Cheating will get you nowhere but back to where you started. Epic doesn’t necessarily want money from the streamers now getting sued.

They are asking for an extra share of the money the streamers got from using these cheat codes, sure, but Epic says they want to make sure the two streamers are not using the funds they got through unjust means.

Epic is also asking that YouTube pull a lot, if not all, of the videos that show the cheat codes in action.

While one of the streamers said that he didn’t see the problem with his actions because other streamers were cheating, perhaps his actions are the loudest and produced the most evidence.

Either way, he and his “buddy” are now paying the price that cheating produces for us all.

Why It Matters

I’m sure you’re asking why should it even matter. Well, here’s the thing: it does matter at the end of the day. What about the people who aren’t using the cheat codes when they play?

It becomes so much harder for those of us without cheat code access to win a match fair and square when there are those who are using the cheats.

Some folks might even be using the cheat codes now without thinking about the consequences of their actions. This kind of thing can be just as bad since the consequences could come out of nowhere fast.

I’ve never used cheat codes myself when playing since I play to kill time more often than not. It makes me shudder to think of the possible consequences down the road.

What about other gamers who may get caught with cheat codes in the future? It could be a doozy in the next few months. It may not seem like a big deal now but it might mean more to us later when we least expect it.

I’m waiting for it all to hit the proverbial fan, so to speak, as more possible cheating comes to light.

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Written by Lizzie Fourman

Lizzie is a Facebook strategist for female creative entrepreneurs during the day and a gamer by night. She helps her clients by scheduling things on their Facebook pages, interacting with people on those pages, and creating graphics to go with the posts. She also writes about video games on Grown Gaming.