Man jumping at a burning helicopter

Dude, Just Cause 3 is less than $5 right now

Edit: It’s over, folks!  But CD Keys has it for less than £7.

If you haven’t played Just Cause 3 yet, you should.  It’s a ridiculous action set piece simulator with a beautiful location, stunts and huge explosions.  And it’s less than $5. $4.49 to be exact or, if you’re feeling especially flush, you can splash out $6.74 to get the base game plus all DLC.

And, while you’re at it, you can pick up the original Just Cause for just 97 cents and Just Cause 2 for $2.99.

Honestly, these prices are just ridiculously low.  GrownGaming review games on a “buy, wait, avoid” basis, where they look at the value of the game and whether it justifies your time when delivering a verdict.  The Just Cause games are ridiculously good fun and they’re stupidly cheap now too – you owe it to yourself to add at least one to your game library.

To take advantage of the huge savings, head over to Steam.  But, hurry – the deal expires in 23 hours!