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Ambitious CRPG Disco Elysium to Launch on October 15th

A/UM has today confirmed that Disco Elysium will launch for PC on 15th October 2019.  A new trailer has accompanied the announcement.

We’ve written about Disco Elysium before, when we stated that is the evolution of the CRPG genre, and it looks every bit as interesting now as it did then.

Disco Elysium is an open world RPG with a complex choice and consequence system.  Players take control of a detective with a unique skill system and a whole city block to carve their own path across. There will be the opportunity to interrogate unforgettable characters, crack murders, and accept bribes. Be the hero or villain you always wanted to be.

Disco Elysium boasts over 60 hours of game time in its unique urban fantasy world, which can be approached in any order.  There is one overarching, open-ended case and several side investigations.  The soundtrack by British Sea Power also promises to be something special.

You can add Disco Elysium to your wishlist on Steam and GOG.


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