Destiny 2 fight, with electricity coming from a fist.

Destiny 3 Allegedly In The Works

BY CHIRAZ ENNACEUR: Bungie’s title Density and its recently released sequel Destiny 2 are the names that require little introduction, especially if you are a gamer. Having said that there are a few rumors which seem to suggest that Destiny 3 is already in the works.

Which definitely is a reason for excitement among fans but bear in mind that since there are just rumors, they have the capacity to be proven otherwise. And that is why we would recommend you to take this news with a grain of salt.

According to Redditor “AnnonTheNine”, Chris Barrett is the director of Destiny 3, though he did add that Luke Smith will still have a big role in its making. The Reddit user also added that the next Destiny will be gear towards more hardcore fans and will also be bringing in more new features, compared to its predecessors.

What really caught the attention were these small details, one which he adds is a playable location, Europa, which if you could recall was initially teased years back in 2013.

Furthermore “AnnonTheNine” also said that Destiny 3 is also assumed to have even more elements that focus more on RPG in contrast to Destiny 2. Last but not least, he said that there will be open world areas which shall also have PvP and PvE content where players will have the luxury to fight and conquer territory.

With all that put into context, this news is pretty thin, still, a reason for the fans to be excited about. That being said, if you may recall, Destiny 2, when it rolled out was pretty exceptional and if Destiny 3 is already in the works, we can safely assume that they would be increasing the bar even more. 

Let’s hope that they do.