The foggy town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill Successor Cancelled

The would-be “Silent Hill Successor” Centralia has been cancelled, with the developer going another direction.

MacRoseWood Games made news a few months back when it was revealed that they had approached Konami back in late 2016 with a prototype of a Silent Hill game having aspirations to continue the franchise. However, they were denied as Konami wants the series to stay “In House” and rather than pitch their work, they reworked it into something very similar to Silent Hill; Centralia.

In case you are unaware, Centralia is a ghost-town that once had more than 2000 people. However, in the 60s a coal fire broke out underneath the town and now, as of 2017, the population is less than 10. Sounds a lot like Silent Hill, right?

MacRoseWood has cancelled the project due to losing funds and they have announced that in the next few weeks they will be releasing all their current work, including the original prototype which carried the Silent Hill branding, for free. It is unknown where MacRoseWood Games will be heading after this cancellation, but sadly not a trip to Centralia, or Silent Hill.

Written by Cameron Rogers

I have been a gamer since the 90s. I mostly pay attention and cover horror, simulation, retro games and ports with some exceptions. My favorite game of all time is The Sims Bustin Out.