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Bethesda’s Paid Mods Are Modded Out By Modders

Did we get that right?  I think so.

Bethesda’s Creation Club announcement has earned them a huge backlash and few friends.  One community you’d have expected to have embraced the introduction of paid mods is the modding community, though it seems that not every modder is drinking the koolaid.

Uploaded to Nexus mods by InAComaDial999, the No More Creation Club News mod, well, hides Bethesda’s mods.

Yes, you read that correctly; players are heading to Nexus to download a mod that a modder created to mod out Bethesda’s paid-for mods.  It’s safe to say that the secret is out, as the mod has 11,376 unique downloads and 17,729 total downloads, with 77,917 total views.

If you’re interested in downloading the mod, head over to Nexus.