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Atari’s New ‘Ataribox’ Will Be Based On PC Technology

Atari is “back in the hardware” business, according to CEO Frederic Chesnais.

As we reported yesterday, Atari is currently working on a new system dubbed the Ataribox.  A teaser trailer has been released on YouTube, showing revealing what appears to be a retro-styled console with a classic wood grain finish.

Now we know that it might be a bit more than first thought, as Atari CEO Frederic Chesnais has confirmed that the system will be powered by PC technology.

Could this mean that there is more to the Ataribox than first meets the eye?  Many are expecting the Atari equivalent to the Nintendo NES Classic or the incoming Sega Genesis Flashback console but the statement that the system will be powered by PC technology suggests that there may be more to this console.

While we’re definitely not suggesting that the system will be a console that can rival the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, we may be surprised with what Atari create.  While we may end up with just an Atari retro console, it would be interesting to see whether Atari leave the door open to wider emulation, or maybe the possibility to play current indie games.

Yes, I’m speculating.  As someone who grew up loving his Atari 2600 Jr., I can’t help but dream.