Doom 2 shooting enemies with a shotgun as blood flies everywhere.

Are You Longing for a Low-Budget Doom Movie? Good News!

If you’ve recently played Doom and thought to yourself, “boy, I would love to watch a direct to DVD, low budget, Doom movie” have I got some news for you!

Doom Annihilation is an all-new, direct to video Doom movie set to be released in 2019. Please stop what you are doing and check this beauty out; it’s almost too hysterical to miss!

This is the second film in the Doom franchise, the first being the 2005 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson release simply titled DOOM. It was mediocre at best and by the looks of it, this new movie will follow suit – with a lower budget.

When the official DOOM twitter was asked to comment on the new movie they simply had this to say:

Hopes are not high at all with this adaptation but you never know – maybe it will be gory good
fun. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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Written by Moshe Sweet