Anthem’s Story Is BioWare’s Priority, TGA 2018 Trailer Reveals

BY CHIRAZ ENNACEUR: BioWare’s most anticipated title right now is the upcoming Anthem. In fact, it is among the most hyped games scheduled to roll out. There is no doubt about that and perhaps that is why the company has sought such an opportunity, in which they could let the fans know that for them, Anthem’s story is a priority.

At the recent Game Awards 2018, among so many trailers released was a story trailer of Anthem. It was without any doubt the moment of truth and assurance to the fans. That while we know, BioWare has been working tirelessly on this upcoming title. There have been a few concerns among fans regarding the focus on the story of Anthem.

Previously we knew that BioWare had set all of its focus on the gameplay of Anthem. In fact, when we saw those gameplay trailers, most of the fans had assurance about the gameplay being a prime focus. However, this gave birth to a series of queries and concerns, among which Anthem’s story was a prime topic.

Now, however, with this new trailer, featured at the Game Awards 2018, a lot of questions seem to have been answered. This new trailer not only shows the world of Anthem but also sheds light on its story.

We see some of the non-playable characters alongside the game’s main antagonist, called by the name, Monitor. According to the devs, Monitor is the leader of a militia based organization, referred to as Dominion.

Dominion will be one of the biggest enemies throughout Anthem’s main story. Talking about Dominion, the creative director of this upcoming game, Jonathan Warner said during the Game Awards presentation,

“They believe the way to keep people safe is to keep them well-heeled, keep everyone on a short leash,That’s their objective—they want to bring peace through force.”

So one can assume after seeing this new trailer that BioWare is now moving its focus towards Anthem’s story. Although how good it actually will be, still remains to be seen.

Having said that Anthem is slated to roll out on Feb. 22 next year and will be available across PS4, Xbox One and PC.