The Sims working on a PC.

Made A Game? We’ll Write About It!

Are you a game developer struggling to get some attention for your new masterpiece? Maybe we can help.

There are many reasons I started Grown Gaming. I wanted to meet fellow adult gamers and build a community, but I also wanted to create a vehicle to help people achieve their aspirations.  I want writers to be able to build a portfolio, gamers to make new friends, and game developers to get attention for their hard work.

If you are developing a game that you feel the Grown Gaming audience may enjoy and are willing to provide us with a preview, Q&A with the developers, and possibly even a review copy, we will definitely consider promoting it.

And, yes, this is free. 

Some websites ask for $50+ “for our time writing the articles” but I think that’s ridiculous. If you link to the article, it helps your followers and fans find my site and likewise it helps our readers to find a game they may enjoy. That’s enough payment for me.

So, are you developing a game? Want some coverage? Write to us at [email protected] with information of your game and we’ll get back to you.