A Street Fighter gift, showing a Ryu lamp gift.

6 Kickass Street Fighter Christmas Gift Ideas

What do you get the man (or woman) who likes to kick everything in the face (or crotch)? Well, there are quite a few options, actually!

These are the best gifts for the Street Fighter fan in your life.

Street Fighter Treble Canvas Art

In a throwback to the original games, these three canvases would take pride of place in any games room.

I’m a huge fan of this (my wallet isn’t).

Ken A5 Pixel Art Bead Picture

This Ken pixel art is a lot kinder to the wallet but just as awesome.

The design is simple, but extremely effective, even if it does break away from the traditional imagining of Ken.

Ken is made from high quality 2mm Hama beads and the Frame is A5 in size (13 x 18 cm). It can be hung on the wall or stood freely on a table (sitting alongside your games collection, obviously).

Street Fighter Cartridge Holder 3D Shadow Box

Okay, so this is a little on the expensive side, but…look at it. It’s amazing!

This 8″ x 10″ piece of art is made from meticulously cut prints and foamboard, with a lick of acrylic paint here and there. There are multiple tiers for a deep 3D effect that really pops. The characters are all in their victory poses because, well, you’ll feel victorious sticking this up on your wall, right?

Pictured are all of the characters in their victory poses. In the middle is the cartridge on a billboard on an office building, from the title screen.

The versions I found available had a cheaper option without a cartridge, but, what’s the point?  There was also a more expensive option with an authentic cartridge but, again, what’s the point?  This version has a real cartridge included, but it’s a crummy sports game with a fake label. No one will ever know, and it looks awesome.  That is all that matters.

Street Fighter 2PC Drinking Glasses

This glasses look stunning and would look impressive on the shelf with your retro and modern games.

I’d be tempted to put some clear coloured plastic curved around the middle, or just dyed water, to make them pop that little bit more. Whether you drink gin or juice, you need these glasses in your life.

Street Fighter Coasters: Possible Professions 

Something a little different for you; coasters depicting what the Street Fighter characters would be doing with their lives if they hadn’t made it big punching each others heads off.

These coasters look fantastic thanks to their vibrant colours and the comedic images are bound to be a talking point.

Ryu Street Fighter Lamp (With Hadouken Sound Effect)

This lamp looks awesome whether it’s on or off.  Here’s the light on:

And, here’s the light off:

Aside from the Hadouken sound effect, this Ryu lamp includes a remote control light with 16 different programmable colours and effects. Plus, all lamps are wired by a certified electrician (not Blanka, which is a bonus).  I’m sure there would be cool Goku ones out there too for Dragon Ball Z fans.

Are you a Street Fighter fan? If so, which of these gifts would you love to have sitting under the tree on Christmas day?