Nintendo controllers in a present - a great Christmas gift idea.

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

When it comes to Nintendo Christmas present ideas I could recommend a Switch and be done with it, but no.

These are the best gifts for the Nintendo fan in your life.

There are no affiliate links in this article, I just think everything listed is awesome (and I want it all).

Nintendo NES Wall Art Shadow Box 2 Piece Set
Link: Click Here
Price: £270.78

Okay, it’s a lot of money, but hear me out! For one, these two pictures look incredible:

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

These handmade art pieces feature 2 real Nintendo NES controllers and cords. The cords have been shaped, twisted, and turned to create the shapes of the Mario Mushroom and Piranha Plant. The backgrounds were then painted, to really make them pop.

Hello Kitty / American Car Licence Plate N64 Hydrodipped Controller
Link: Click Here
Price: £20.00

I’m a huge N64 fan, so much so that I recently rebought some original controllers to display with my gaming set up (and not to use with emulators and a USB interface, because that would be wrong). But, these N64 controllers look incredible:

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

The controllers are authentic, fully functional N64 controllers that are bound to turn heads at any retro gaming party. And, what’s more, they are very reasonably priced, which is a huge bonus.

3 Video Game Controller Canvases
Link: Click Here
Price: £45.27

These canvases are perfect for any gamer set up. You can choose your own custom colours, styles, drips, no drips or any other specifications. Look at these beauties:

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

You could have a NES, SNES, N64, Wii, Gamecube controller…whatever you like. And, if the Nintendo fan in your life isn’t Nintendo exclusive, you could mix it up and get them controllers from their other favourite consoles too. That’s a win!

RetroPie – Retro Fitted SNES
Link: Click Here
Price: £189.99

This is an original UK SNES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but fear not! It was totally dead and has been given a new lease of life – no functional consoles were broken. And it looks fully legit.

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

All internals have been removed, recycled and replaced with the latest Raspberry Pi3 (with retro pie installed), plus a USB Hub, micro-power USB extender, and HDMI Extender in place to allow the use of the existing ports.

Included are the following:

  • 2 x SNES USB Controllers
  • Power Adapter
  • HDMI Lead
  • 64GB Micro SD Card Pre-Installed

WiFi & Bluetooth are built in. The ports have been replaced with HDMI and Micro USB to the rear and dual USB’s at the front, internal multi-coloured LEDs also built in. It features all major emulators and Kodi, all configured.  Just plug in and play.

Nintendo Themed Hama Coasters and Controller Storage box
Link: Click Here
Price: £15.00

These four coasters include the Power-up Mushroom, Invincibility Star, Fire-Flower and the, uh, mysterious Mystery Box.

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

What really sets this set off is the controller box, which the coasters stack into. It would look awesome next to your games collection.

Luigi Ouija Wooden Etched Chopping Cutting Board
Link: Click Here
Price: £15.00

This Luigi Ouija board looks strangely classy, don’t you think?

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

Admittedly, I’m not sure if I’d actually use this to cut onions; I’d be more likely to use it as a plaque over my retrogaming collection, but hey!

Nintendo History Decor Framed Shadow Box 
Link: Click Here
Price: £139.92

Nintendo history under glass! This spectacular piece features the history of Nintendo controllers: Nintendo NES, Super NES, N64, GameCube, and Wii.

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

All the controllers are authentic and have been nicely mounted in chronological order from top to bottom. What is really fun about this piece is that the box has a door in the front which can easily be opened allowing the viewer to physically explore each controller. The door then snaps shut very securely with 2 strong magnets. All of the buttons on all of the controllers can be pressed like normal and the

All of the buttons on all of the controllers can be pressed like normal and the analogue thumbsticks move freely. Relive those golden years of video gaming while sprucing up any room at the same time.

NES Nintendo Zapper Desk Lamp Light Gun
Link: Click Here
Price: £65.84

This is a highly unique sculpture lamp made with a Nintendo NES controller and Zapper gun. It looks amazing!

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

The Zapper gun is securely mounted to the controller which makes for a perfect base to the lamp and the gun handle adds extra stability. It’s a very sleek and sturdy design, and will not tip over easily.

This is a fitting tribute to the golden age of NES. These two relics now function to illuminate your room as well as your vintage gaming memory.

Nintendo Game Boy/Tetris 3D Art Diorama Shadow Box
Link: Click Here
Price: £24.99

This piece of art is printed on super premium high-grade glossy card stock many times over, and then painstakingly precision hand cut and layered many times to create the eye-popping 3D effect. It really feels like the artwork is jumping right out of the frame.

10 Amazing Presents For Nintendo Fans

I personally love 3D artwork (my favourite is in the Zelda gifts I previously listed); they just bring the games to life, and this Game Boy with Tetris is no different.

Are you a Nintendo fan? If so, which of these gifts (except the Switch, obviously) would you love to have sitting under the tree on Christmas day?

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