An Xbox One and PS4 controller

Yes, Xbox One X Is More Powerful, But PS4 Is The Better Choice

The Xbox One X has tried to bridge the gap between consoles and gaming PCs with pure power.  Despite that, the PS4 is still the better choice.

As a PC gamer, there’s only one console that I’d consider picking up and that’s the PlayStation 4, hands down.

Here’s why: GAMES.

Take a glance at Gematsu’s list of Xbox One exclusives.  Now take a look at their list of PlayStation 4 exclusives.

The Xbox One X has so few exclusive titles in production that it is borderline laughable.  Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 look fantastic but compared to the wealth of titles in production in Camp Sony, the horizon looks barren for the green team.

The PlayStation 4 will be home to Death Stranding, Wild, The Last of Us Part 2, Days Gone – and that’s on top of their already formidable list of exclusive titles.

As a PC gamer, I have enviously looked at the PlayStation 4 catalogue, wishing that a few of those titles would migrate to Steam.  Highlights include Yakuza 0, Until Dawn, Nioh, The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4 (and the original trilogy collection), Nier: Automata, Bloodborne and, you guessed it, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Sunset Overdrive doesn’t come close.

For those looking for a second compelling reason to choose the PS4 over the Xbox One X, VR should seal the deal.

VR is the biggest thing to happen to the video game experience since 3D.  Forget HD or 4K – they were enhancements rather than a revolution.  VR places you firmly in the game you’re playing.

Microsoft’s console is certainly powerful enough to support VR titles but Sony is the only company to invest in it so far in this console generation.  The PS4’s VR catalogue is impressive considering that VR is still in its infancy, and gamers owe it to themselves to experience it for themselves if they own a PS4 Pro.

Ultimately, there’s next to no reason to own an Xbox One X.  If you truly care about power, get a PC.  If you want people to envy your exclusive games, get a PS4.  If you like the colour green, buy a lime.

Do not buy an Xbox One X.