Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: The Best Deal Ever

Don’t miss out on this offer!

Let’s get this out of the way: I’m in no way affiliated with Xbox or Xbox Live – I’m just an avid gamer on their platform. I also am not the biggest advocate of pay-to-play services, but this is a deal that’s just too good to pass up.

Recently, Xbox have offered a deal on their Xbox One platform, for their ‘Game Pass Ultimate’ service. This particular service allows gamers to gain access to a library of hundreds of awesome titles, as well as having Xbox Live Gold access, a requirement for playing online, receiving exclusive discounts and offers – you know the drill.

At the moment, you can get an introductory offer of two months (worth £22) for just £2. Alternatively (if you’ve already used an introductory offer but have cancelled, for example) you can pick up ONE month for £1.

That’s not the best bit…

Purchasing this offer (or any other form of Ultimate) will automatically convert your standard, existing Xbox Live into Ultimate – for free. An example of this is:

You have eight months of Xbox Live standard.

You then purchase one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £1.

Your standard Live then becomes Ultimate for the remaining eight months.

You are not charged until that period ends, wherein you will then receive regular, monthly £10.99 billing.

It’s worth noting that you can of course cancel whenever you so desire, but considering a rolling monthly subscription to Xbox Live Gold is £5 a month, what’s the point? An extra £6 a month comes with incredible benefits.

Here are some of the best titles available on Game Pass:

Gears of War 5 (launching September 10th, 2019)

Blair Witch (released 30th August, 2019)


Forza Horizon 3

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Devil May Cry 5

PES 2019

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Metro: Exodus

Rise / Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Metal Gear HD Collection

Along with these fantastic titles, you’ve got a selection for anyone, and everyone. Xbox 360 and Xbox Classics; Lego and Disney titles; a host of Indie games; racing games of all types, and pretty much every kind of sports title.

That’s not the end of it: any first-party title released from Xbox (State of Decay, Forza, Gears, Halo, etc) will be made available on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, at launch, and often early. I know that there are so many of these subscription services available (EA Access, Humble Monthly, PS Now, etc) but this really is a killer deal.

I could not find an end date for this deal on Xbox Live. As with any purchase, please read the terms and condition before signing up, and if you’re not the bill payer, please check with them before you upgrade, or alter your account.


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  1. This looks like one heck of a deal. Being able to play Gears 5 for £2?? That’s amazing!

    I’ve been considering signing up to this service for PC. If my backlog wasn’t already so ridiculous, I’d probably have already done it.

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