Which Games Are LONG Overdue A Sequel?

Which Games Are LONG Overdue A Sequel?

Underrated, overrated, long-forgotten… They all apply!

In the light of the Xbox Series X and PS5 announcements, we’ve also discovered a long list of new IPs along with them. The two video gaming giants are leaving nothing to chance, and both have teased a huge list of potential launch titles for their next-generation consoles. Aside from that, we’ve also seen a variety of returning classics, follow-ons, or a sequel for not-so-old games, like Horizon, Halo, or Resident Evil.

However, I’m of the firm belief that there are many games out there in the past that still deserve (or desperately need) sequels. The games featured below are some of the top titles that I personally feel are definitely overdue a sequel.

Rapid fire list, go!

The Getaway / The Getaway Black Monday

Getaway sequel

Cor blimey, guv’nor! If you haven’t played either iteration of The Getaway, have you really even explored London? The open world, first-party epic from Team Soho graced our PS2 consoles way back in 2002, and it was impressive. We had visuals we’d never seen before, realism on an unchallenged level, and a gritty, authentic story. In 2004, the follow up was released – same setting, new story.

Aside from an extremely brief teaser of a potential third iteration surfacing many years ago, there hasn’t been any talk of another release. It’s positively criminal, and needs to be resolved ASAP. Could you imagine an open-world crime thriller set in modern-day London, with the driving power of the PS5 or the Xbox Series X?

I mean, we’ve got Watch Dogs Legion coming, but that’s a dystopia – it’s not true realism like The Getaway was. We’ll see.

Grand Theft Auto V

gta sequel

It has been nine years since GTA V was announced.



That’s insane. It released way back in 2013, and Rockstar has been riding happily on its coattails ever since. There hasn’t even been an expansion of any kind, with the AAA giant only periodically updating its multiplayer venture, GTA Online. There are fans begging, crying, calling out for a sequel, and rightly so. This is the longest we’ve had to wait for a sequel in the franchise’s twenty-three year history.

Bizarrely, Rockstar have decided to port the title to the PS5 (and Xbox Series X, I assume) at launch, extended and revitalised. They pulled the biggest sneaky on fans at the PS5 announcement in June 2020, flashing their logos and… then showing clips of the near decade-old game.

Just give us another one, please!

Knights of the Old Republic

kotor sequel

Now, I put this one in here because – if I didn’t – my fiancée would kill me. The incredibly popular (and short-lived) KOTOR franchise is one of the most well-received in Star Wars gaming history. The space-faring, choice-driven RPG was engineered by Obsidian and BioWare, two massive names in gaming, but neither has had the ability to pick up the tools again in the last seventeen years.

In the time that has passed, we have seen massive expansions on the Star Wars universe. There’s literally a plethora of options on display for a potential sequel. When we consider the power of next-generation gaming technology, you can only imagine how incredible a new KOTOR might look, and play.

Of course, if BioWare got their hands on it today it may end up looking like Mass Effect: Andromeda… *cough* flop of the decade *cough*.

Freedom Fighters

freedom fighters sequel

Remember Homefront? Mass invasion on American soil by a united Korea, the player assuming the role of badass civilians fighting back? I don’t think many do, to be honest. However, even less probably remember Freedom Fighters…

Released in 2003, Freedom Fighters was the OG ‘Homefront’ title. New York City saw a mass invasion by the Soviet Union, and you played as a perfectly regular man fight back against his oppressors. The game was fantastic, with open levels, awesome combat, fun multiplayer, and a pretty decent story.

It was built by IO Interactive, a developer very much in business today, parented by Square Enix. What’s stopping them building an awesome sequel to batter Homefront back down where it belongs?

Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

psi ops sequel

Little-known fact: there was a song written for this game that made me fall in love with rock music.

I loved Psi-Ops, and it was way before its time. Imagine Control, but you’re a soldier who was given these powers almost accidentally. Oh yeah, and you’ve got a slew of bosses that are basically megalomaniacs, each with more power than the last.

The physics and gameplay engines behind Psi-Ops were awesome. You could wield telekinesis, pyrokinesis, remote-viewing and a bunch of other mindpowers in your battle for victory, and they were damn fun. I spent hours in the game’s “training room”, throwing hapless AI through piles of crates and contrainers.

Unfortunately, a sequel can never happen. The developer – with a huge array of titles under their belt – was completely dissolved in 2011. Midway Games Inc was OG, having been around since 1958, but they filed for bankruptcy in 2009. Although they sold a huge assortment of assets to Warner Bros., I don’t think Psi-Ops was among them.

Sad times – especially when you consider the now poignant message that displayed at the end of the game…

“To be continued.”

Bully / Canis Canem Edit

bully sequel

When, oh when, will Jimmy return? Bully launched in 2006 to an overwhelmingly positive reception. It was, for all intents and purposes, a Grand Theft Auto for kids. It gave the player the ability to roam an open world, set predominately in a school, and wreak utter havoc – or not. You were given factions, and the choice of who you’d side with. You could skateboard around, chased voraciously by prefects and teachers. Learn how to fight from homeless people. Stuff kids into trashcans.

You know, regular school life, right?

It was a fantastic title, and definitely a different spin to what gamers were used to from Rockstar. We were used to games like Manhunt, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne – not a teenager who helped out nerds and jocks. Regardless, Bully was a huge success, and for the last fourteen years gamers have been hurting for a follow-up.

Come on Rockstar, you’re holding out on us!


black sequel

I can’t recall who it was, but one of the big gaming agencies back in the day labelled Black as ‘gun porn’. They were so right.

What Black lacked in solid story, it made up for in visuals, combat engine and physics. Oh my Lord, it was incredible. The title launched in 2006, so it was toward the very latter end of the PlayStation 2’s dominant era. It should have been held until more powerful hardware was around to drive it, but here we are.

This game – I’ve said it before – was ahead of its time. You had massively destructive environments, explosions that would make Michael Bay weak at the knees, and more guns than you could shake a stick at. Like Freedom Fighters above, Black was made by companies that are still very much around – Criterion, and EA.

In fact, Criterion’s first shooter since Black was Battlefield V, and that title is gorgeous. I can only imagine how insane Black 2 would look with Battlefield’s visuals.


killzone sequel

I didn’t want to list the whole agenda in the subtitle, so I’ll just leave it as “Killzone”. While this is by no means an underappreciated title like some of the above, the almost complete drop of the FPS franchise back in 2013 made it seem so.

Killzone is one of the original greats, boasting a total of six releases in its sixteen-year history. It has spanned almost every PlayStation generation, including handhelds (PSP and Vita). However, the relatively minor success of Killzone Shadowfall on PS4 left a sour taste in the mouths of fans that is yet to be washed out.

Will the launch of the PS5 be the next arena for Killzone to shine? I seriously hope so. I’ve been a huge fan of the franchise since the first release in 2004, and I’d kill for another one. Not literally, but you know what I mean.

Skate 3

skate 3 sequel

Skate is one of those weird titles – even if you don’t enjoy the sport at all, you’ll love Skate. It’s humorous, nice to look at, and a great time-killer – perfect combination. Skate 3 was released way back in 2010 to a great reception and positive reviews, but nothing has been seen of the franchise since.

There have been more than a fair share of skateboarding games in the last two-or-so decades, but Skate 3 really stood out from the crowd. The (considerably) massive open world, varied environment, realism of the skating, customisation… All top-notch. It featured a well-balanced and enjoyable multiplayer mode, an immersive and entertaining story, and a bunch of fantastic side modes.

Unfortunately, the particular studio within EA who created the game has since closed, but titles that they developed in their fifteen-year history were handed off, so maybe Skate will have a future?

Sleeping Dogs

sleeping dogs sequel

What a tumultuous history Sleeping Dogs has. It’s a little known fact, but Sleeping Dogs was orginally penned as a follow on in the True Crime franchise – and it shows. The game bears an extremely similar style to the cop-crime thrillers from the PlayStation 2 era, set in LA and New York.

Developed and published by Square Enix (who bought the rights for True Crime from Activision), the game received considerable praise when launched in 2012. It had undergone a very difficult development cycle, having been in construction for over four years prior.

Once launched, the game was fantastic: awesome combat, an exciting world to explore, and an incredible story. It was broadened over the following year with brilliant expansions that only furthered its success, and a definitive edition was released on PS4 and Xbox One.

There was a potential follow-up called Triad Wars, an online spin-off, but this was cancelled in 2015. Further, a live action adaptation starring Donnie Yen was teased in 2017, but that has also gone quiet.

It’s been eight years – give us a follow-up, Square!

I should stop there, but this list could go on forever! There are so many titles that deserve a place on this list, such as Half-Life, LA Noire, Diablo, or Timesplitters, but I don’t… really… care about them, or their potential sequel.

How about you? Are there any titles you believe are definitely due a sequel, or a follow-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Most in this list apart from GTA V dont really want. BUt La Noire Jet Force Gemini, Banjo Kazoiie etc are better stuff and right up there is Metroid Prime still nothing new on part 4!

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