What to Look For In A Gaming Chair

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When putting together a gaming setup, little consideration is often given to the quality of your gaming chair. After all, having a huge TV, powerful video game console (or PC) and varied game collection top the list, followed closely by awesome gaming merchandise for the walls and shelves.

However, given that we spend 99.99% of our time sitting on our gaming chairs while gaming, it is important to ensure that our chairs are suitable, not just from a gaming experience point of view, but also from a health point of view.

But what features should be taken into account when looking at buying a gaming chair? I’ve put together some tips for you to consider:


Comfort should be the number one priority when looking at gaming chairs. Yes, having a chair that looks like it was ripped from a Formula 1 car is pretty cool, but it’s more important that the chair is providing you with enough support. It’s important to test as many chairs as possible ro ensure that you’re happy with the level of lumbar and other support provided, as you don’t want to be nursing a sore back after a long gaming session.

A part of this is also armrests. While they can often be overlooked, they provide extra support for your arms and shoulders and may reduce stress on your limbs. A chair with adjustable armrests is the best option so that you can adjust your setup depending on what you’re doing.


Though this site follows the mantra of “a gamer is a gamer”, it’s important to note that console gamer’s chair requirements and PC gamer’s chair requirements may be different, depending on their gaming setup.

If you’re a console gamer who sits in front of a TV on a low TV stand, you’ll likely want a lower chair that accommodates your frame while playing. If you’re a PC gamer who plays at a desk, you’ll require a chair that more closely resembles an office chair, though with consideration towards the length of time you’re likely to be sitting.


A gaming chair should be built to last and be able to cope with regular, rigorous use.

Ensure that the materials used for the seat covers, padding and structure are of a high enough quality to survive a few thousand close games on Rocket League without collapsing in a heap.


This is often overlooked in exchange for prettier aesthetics, but the size of your gaming chair can be a huge factor to consider. Sure, you might want a great huge beast of a chair dominating your gaming room, but if space is in limited supply, you can quickly turn your gaming zone into a cramped uncomfortable environment.

Some gaming chairs can be quite large, so be conscious of the dimensions of the chair and the space available to house it.


This will come down to your personal circumstances. Gaming chairs can run from less than a hundred pounds to over a thousand. Sure, you might want the best brand’s name printed in your chair and unicorn hair stitching (who wouldn’t?) but really, you should try not to get swallowed up by a logo that demands a high price.

You should always consider whether any purchase – a gaming chair included – is worth the money being charged. Some gaming chairs are over-priced at £80, while others represent great value at £250 – it really depends on the quality that you can achieve within the budget available.


Some people will just want a comfortable chair to game in. That’s great. others will want a chair that is fitted with headrest speakers, rumble functions and more. Only you will know what you really need in your chair, but don’t let a wealth of additional “nice to have” features dissuade you from spending the same amount of money on a more suitable chair.


Gaming chairs are an important part of any setup. Even if your chair isn’t marketed as a “gaming” chair, it is still a vitally important component to consider when putting together any gaming setup. Investing in a decent chair should be high on any gamers list of priorities.

This article was made possible by https://www.allbestgamingchairs.com.