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The Best Video Game Action Figures to Collect in 2023

These are the best video game action figures to collect whether you’re looking to start a collection or want to add to your haul.

Action figures are some of the most popular merchandise for many video game series. It seems like every other day, another gaming franchise releases video game action figures to collect, and for good reason.  They are great additions to any video game collection, the perfect accompaniment to any gaming setup.

I have collected action figures of my favorite video game characters for over 20 years. You may want to build a collection of action figures from your video game series, or you may want to invest in figures to sell in the future. You also can even do both if you buy two copies of the same action figure.

Here are the best video game action figures to collect in 2023.

World of Nintendo Action Figures by Jakks Pacific

World of Nintendo Four-Inch Action Figures

When it comes to video game action figures to collect, it would be wrong not to start with Nintendo.

Jakks Pacific produces the best action figures of Nintendo’s characters. They have a toy line of four-inch action figures. Every figure has great details to resemble the character from the video games. Most characters include an accessory with them. This may be a weapon or special item from the video game.


World of Nintendo 2.5-Inch Action Figures

In addition to their six line of figures, Jakks Pacific also produces 2.5-inch figures of Nintendo’s most popular characters. This line of action figures also has amazing details. Some also include an accessory in special packages.

However, the 2.5-inch figures have greatly shifted towards characters from Super Mario. Other characters from Nintendo have become difficult to find in stores in recent months.

Here are the best:

You can find Jakks Pacific’s toy line of Nintendo’s characters at stores such as Walmart and Target. The 2.5-inch figures are normally at checkout lanes, and the four-inch figures are in a store’s toy section. I recommend visiting those stores before searching for the toys online. Prices for some of the figures are very high due to demand and rarity of special edition action figures.

MegaMan Action Figures by Bandai

MegaMan Action Figures

Now we move onto another series of classic video game action figures to collect: MegaMan.

Bandai has been producing action figures of MegaMan for over twenty years. They have released many amazing figures of the series’ most popular characters. Bandai have improved the quality of their products. Bandai’s current wave of MegaMan figures have great details and articulation. The action figures perfectly resemble the characters from Capcom’s best games.

MegaMan 2.5 Inch Action Figures

In addition, Bandai also has a 2.5 line of figures just like Jakks Pacific. Bandai has a more impressive toy line of 2.5-inch figures.

Each one includes accessories and alternative arms for different weapons. Every action figure has many joints for grown-up gamers to pose it.

Unfortunately, Bandai’s line of MegaMan action figures is expensive and only available to purchase online for western collectors and grown-up gamers. Bandai only releases these action figures in Japan. You will need to search for the best online retailer to purchase them. Ebay and Amazon are two amazing sites for finding Bandai’s MegaMan action figures. I purchased my full set of figures from Amazon.

Overwatch Action Figures by Hasbro

Hasbro produces figures of Overwatch in amazing quality. They produce a variety of characters in their line of action figures. Their first wave includes Tracer, Reaper, Lucio, and Sombra. Hasbro is still producing more waves of figures. Be sure to collect them all.

Furthermore, Hasbro’s action figures have great quality. Their action figures are six inches tall. They are a great size for any collection. The action figures also have multiple points of articulation. You can make a variety of poses. They also include accessories from Overwatch.

Overwatch Action Figures

Fortnite Action Figures by McFarlane Toys

Fortnite is one of the most popular video games in the industry. According to Games Radar, it has over 250 million players with registered accounts. Fortnite has licensed a toy line with McFarlane Toys to product action figures for millions of players. McFarlane delivered a great toy line with a variety of action figures. The action figures have great quality with fantastic details on each action figure.

Furthermore, I highly recommend all fans of Fortnite to purchase these action figures. They may become very valuable collectibles in 20 years. Forrnite is one of the youngest franchises on this list. Its merchandise is not valuable at the moment. Fortnite’s best collectibles will gain value over time.

Fortnite Action Figures

Final Fantasy Action Figures by Square Enix

Square Enix is the most impressive developer on this list. They produce their action figures of their properties without contracting a third party. Square Enix Products produces an amazing line of action figures for Final Fantasy. The collectible line includes the franchise’s most popular characters. Each action figure has details that match each character’s designs from official artwork and the video games.

Furthermore, you can find Square Enix Products’ figures at their official website. They think highly of their collectibles. The price of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy action figures ranges from as low as $89.99 to as high as $179.99. Be prepared to make your wallet a little less fat. The action figures’ high-quality demand a high price.

Final Fantasy Action Figures

Dragon Quest Action Figures by Square Enix

Square Enix also produces figures for Dragon Quest. You can purchase these collectibles from Square Enix’s official website. The action figures in this line are 5.59 inches. They have perfect details of each character’s design. They look like the characters directly from the video games.

In addition, Square Enix’s action figures also have accessories, extra faces, and a display standard. Most accessories are extra hands and a character’s signature weapons. The extra faces are a variety of facial expressions. The display stand recreates poses from the video games, and official artworks. They would look great on a desk or display case alongside a collection of Dragon Quest games.

Dragon Quest Action Figures

What Video Game Action Figures Will YOU Collect?

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