Totally Reliable Delivery Service Is a Great Game to Play with Your Kids

I have a confession.  I didn’t intend to ever actually play Totally Reliable Deliver Service.  It was released for free on Epic Games Store some time ago so I picked it up like I do every game that Epic gives away.  At this point, my Epic Games Store is a graveyard of unplayed free games that I habitually add to my library.  But, y’know…free games.

My daughter has been showing more and more interest in video games since she started playing them herself.  She usually plays Disney and Little Big Planet titles on PS Now, but wanted to play something different.  Remembering the Totally Reliable Delivery Service trailer video, I thought she might have a bit of fun running around a colourful island, so I installed it for her.

4 days later and my daughter, wife and I have put about 15 hours into Totally Reliable Delivery Service and my little girl has already asked to play it again tonight.  We have crashed airplanes into hot air balloons, flown rudimentary rockets, sailed pirate ships and sledded down snowy mountains.  Oh, and we’ve delivered a few packages, here and there.

For those who don’t know, Totally Reliable Delivery Service drops players on a sandbox island to make deliveries and or just to have fun.  Up to four players can play together, either locally or online, which makes it a great game to play on the couch with the family.  The graphics are cute and colourful and the music, while a bit repetitive, sits nicely in the background while you play.

One of the reasons Totally Reliable Delivery Service has worked so well for us as a family is that we can all be doing our own thing.  While my wife was trying to deliver a package to the top of a Ferris wheel, I was trying to find the GASA (a play on “NASA”) base to get a rocket, and my daughter was collecting oversized fishes from the beach and putting them back in the water.  Later, my wife and I were working together on deliveries while my daughter was…well, probably still putting fishes in the water.  Or flying hot air balloons as high as they go then “accidentally” falling out, giggling at the rag-doll physics as her avatar fell flailing in the wind.

On paper, Totally Reliable Delivery Service sounds like a ridiculous game – and it is, but for all of the right reasons.  It is a game that adults and kids will have fun playing.  You can play it seriously and do the deliveries as quickly as possible, re-trying each one to get your delivery time down, or you can spontaneously do countless silly activities spread all over the map.  Either way, you’ll have a great time together.

It is by no means perfect.  The control scheme can be a bit of a pain when you are trying to be accurate, and there are a handful of bugs and glitches that will require you to respawn, but overall, we’ve had a good time playing as a family.

If you haven’t played Totally Reliable Delivery Service yet and you have a young family, I can’t recommend it enough.