The Best Biomes In Minecraft

Minecraft is a great game for anyone trying to explore their creativity. It is a game that allows players to build anything they want, grind for resources, or fight monsters. In the game, you can be whatever you want, a farmer, a hunter, an explorer, a treasure hunter, and so on. The fact is that with this game, the possibilities are completely endless.

Whenever a player starts a new game, the usual grind begins. Check out our Minecraft starter guide for an in-depth look at this, but for now, here is what the usual start of a Minecraft world looks like. Step one is to punch trees. Step two is to mine some stone and get stone tools. Step three is to find food. If you find sheep, great! You can use wool to get a bed. If not, you can always just burrow and hide for the nights, it will be a bit harder but not too bad. Step four, if you have not yet, is to get a bed.

These steps are the basics of Minecraft. With wood, stone, food, and a bed you can take on the world. You don’t even really need coal since wood can be burned to get charcoal. With this comes the big question though, which biome is the best to start a Minecraft world in. The biomes are the essence of Minecraft. It is what gives the game a unique feel each time you generate a new world. It is the crux of exploration in the game and each biome offers different wonders (and challenges). So, here’s a list of some of the best biomes in the game.

A quick note: every biome is habitable in Minecraft. You can start a playthrough in the Nether and gather enough materials to complete the game by killing the End Dragon. However, for beginners or people looking for a good start, here are the best biomes.


Hands down the best biome in the early game is the Taiga. This is a biome that many people often overlook but it offers a lot. Firstly, it offers one of the best-looking and most efficient wood in the game, Spruce. When I say most efficient, I mean that it is one of the few trees that can be grown in a 2×2 formation to get giant trees and thus, a lot of wood. This, however, is not what makes the biome great. The secret to the greatness of the Taiga and its variant, the Taiga Mountain, is the presence of Sweet Berries. Sweet Berries are the best food for the early game. They grow very quickly and within a single day, you will be able to farm about a stack from a small cluster. On top of this, there is a chance that you can stumble into some sheep or cows since the Taiga often exists around plains. Furthermore, there are wolves and foxes all around. With bones, you can tame wolves and get a companion to help you in your journey. They are great for fighting skeletons as they scare them away. Of course, you can also find a village and make life a lot easier. These reasons make the Taiga the best biome, especially for beginners. The only downside is the scarcity of sheep for a bed, but once you get some sweet berries and Spruce saplings, you can just leave knowing you are set with food and wood. Just find some Sweet Berries, punch some trees, and grow large spruce trees. It is the best way to start the game.


The Plains biome gives players a lot of great starting benefits. For starters, you can find a lot of food in Plains biomes, from sheep to cows to grass that can be punched to grow wheat. This last feature makes it ideal for people who want to build up quick sustainable sources of food through farms and animal husbandry. On top of this, many plains biomes also offer a few surface-level caves. The best feature that the Plains offer is the flat land. This allows players to see farther, and spot other biomes or features generated in the world that may be of some help early on, like villages. Unfortunately, the one downside is that there are not a lot of trees growing in this biome. Yet, the flat land features make it easy to find other biomes that are abundant in trees. This biome is the most beginner-friendly biome as it gives players a chance to build structures without too much terraforming as well. The Plains is a great place to start, and an even better place to settle.

Flower Forests

The Flower Forest is a somewhat rare biome, but with seeds available online, you can spawn in or near one. They are by far the best biomes for one thing alone, farming. This is because of the bees. Bees can increase the growth rate of crops and with flowers, you can breed bees and attract them to certain places. The Flower Forest also has trees and often has sheep and other animals to make the start a bit easier. The one thing that is really missing is an abundance of surface-level caves, but you can always just dig down. They are somewhat similar to Plains biomes in every other way. A good place to start your adventure and if you want to go down the farming route quickly, it is the best way to get an advantage, just settle down and make your farms near some bees.


The Jungle biome does not seem like a biome for beginners. It is often hard to traverse through, is easy to get lost in, and does not offer a lot of food options. However, it does offer one extremely valuable resource, bamboo. Bamboo is essential for any builder since it is needed to make scaffolding. While living in a Jungle is not going to be easy, it can certainly be fun. Jungles are host to some of the tallest trees in the game, so you will have no problem finding wood, and you can find food in rivers from fish, or by trying to get some seeds to grow wheat. You can also find parrots in the Jungles. They can be tamed and will sit on your shoulder as you go about the world. Not a useful companion but nonetheless a welcome one. If you can get over the initial hurdle of finding sustainable food and a bed, the Jungle biome can be a great place to start your adventure. Otherwise, just grab that bamboo and get out quick. Just try not to get lost.

Warm Ocean

The Warm Ocean is probably the most beautiful biome in Minecraft. It is the most colorful one as it hosts the corals. Living in an ocean is not going to be easy, but for the most part, you would not have to worry about mobs like skeletons and creepers. You can find food through the thousands of tropical fish and your biggest worry would then be finding a sustainable way to mine. But you don’t really need that. All you would really need is some dirt blocks and some saplings and you can build your dream home in the middle of the ocean above the corals and fish your days away. Just be sure to find some wool for a bed so you don’t have to worry about those pesky phantoms.

These biomes are probably some of the best biomes to play in. Whether you want to play through the game or just have a peaceful build you can return to from time to time, each of these five biomes offers something unique and enjoyable. However, if you want the ultimate unique build with no fear of mob spawns at all, look no further than the Mushroom Islands. This biome does not generate any hostile mobs due to the blocks that make up its surface. They also host large mushrooms and Mooshrooms, which you can milk to get mushroom stew, a good food source. Best of luck getting a bed, but then again you can just avoid the phantoms in the night and be alright.

Other Biomes To Try

Here are few other biomes to try out as well.

  • Dark oak Forest: Large trees and a good way to get a lot of wood at the start.
  • Forest: a variety of wood blocks and a good chance of finding food and sheep.
  • Desert: A good biome for those looking for a challenge. Look for a village and try to find some desert temples for treasure.
  • Badlands: An extremely challenging biome, however, they can often spawn mineshafts at surface level, and you can make wool from string that you can find easily in them. Plus, all that terracotta.
  • Mountains: With the new update changing how mountains will function, why not familiarize living in these lofty places. Be warned, they are sometimes hard to build on.

Whatever biome you pick, you are bound to have a great time. Minecraft simply offers too much for players to get bored. And remember, if you don’t like the biome you start in, there is nothing wrong with either leaving or simply starting a different world. There are numerous seeds posted online that let you start in particular and you can always find a good seed with the starting biome of your choice. Happy Adventuring Gamers!

Written by Arjun Sheth