Star Citizen showing an incredible planet from a cockpit view.

This Star Citizen Infographic Is Staggering

Did you know that Star Citizen is the most crowdfunded game of all time?  Or that the most expensive edition of the game costs £$18,000?

Star Citizen is a sci-fi MMO by Cloud Imperium Games Corporation and Chris Roberts, the designer the classic Wing Commander and Privateer series.  Star Citizen allows players to be smugglers, pirates, merchants, bounty hunters, and pilots in a huge sandbox universe.

When funding was sought via the official website and Kickstarter way back in October 2012, the targets were set high.  What happened next made video game history, as Star Citizen eventually brought in over $140,000,000.

But, we won’t ruin all of the facts for you before you have a chance to read the infographic.

Here is the full Infographic, as provided by Redbull:

Mindblowing stuff, right?

You can get in on the action for $54 at the official website.


Written by John

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