The Nintendo Switch logo.

So, the Nintendo Switch might just be my dream console…

…it’s just a shame they don’t make my dream games.

The Nintendo Switch looks amazing.  No, really.  It is a sleek portable/static hybrid console, with a detachable controller to allow it to be multipurpose.

You can game on your couch playing on the big screen, or (more realistically when you have a wife and kids who have a monopoly over the TV), you can strap the controller around a portable tablet-like screen and game on the go.  Or the bed.  Or the toilet.  Or, well…you get the idea.

My problem with Nintendo has always been its game output.  Sure, there are some incredible games, such as the obvious Mario and Zelda titles and the apparently brilliant Splatoon, but blockbuster third-party games were few and far between.

I think gamers should expect their console to allow them to play the best games, save for the occasional exclusive.  The Wii-U didn’t get The Division, or Dying Light, or Project CARS, or…even Fifa.  Fifa is on the Kindle.

Nintendo really need to put this right with the Switch.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have money I can simply throw away on gaming anymore.  Gone are the days when I could work a few hours a week in a minimum wage job and blow my whole paycheck on a console or bundle of games like it was nothing.  If I am going to invest in a console, it has to be better than good.  A handful of exclusive titles will only get you so far, but Nintendo need to reach out to third-party publishers and give them the key to the kingdom, otherwise the Switch will never find its place under my TV.

Or in my bathroom.  Just sayin’.

Watch the trailer here:

Will you be buying the Nintendo Switch? Or are you yet to be convinced?