5 Side Characters Who Deserve Their Own Games

Video game side characters and sidekicks rarely get the spotlight that they deserve.  

Video game side characters and sidekicks rarely get the spotlight that they deserve.  Mario, Nathan Drake, Sonic and Gordon Freeman get the accolades for saving the day, but their adventures wouldn’t be anywhere near as entertaining without their supporting cast.

But what if those unsung heroes could star in their own games?  Not every side character would make a great lead, but there are several that would be great fun to play as in their own adventure, away from the shadow of the star of their franchise.

These are 5 side characters who we would like to see receive their own games:

Garrus Vakarian – Mass Effect

Let us start with the obvious first choice, shall we?  Garrus is one of the most popular Mass Effect characters, and with good reason.  He is the awesome best friend that Commander Shepard needs to save the galaxy.

At the beginning of Mass Effect 2, Garrus goes off on his own under the moniker “Archangel”, hunting down drug smugglers and basically playing the role of a space-faring Batman as he takes on the criminal underworld of Omega.

It would be great to play Garrus in a similar role after the events of the Mass Effect trilogy have concluded.  Garrus could go back to hunting down the universe’s most infamous criminals and bringing them to justice, single-handedly.  It might be exactly what the Mass Effect franchise needs to reboot it – that, or an MMO.

Revolver Ocelot – Metal Gear Solid

Revolver Ocelot is an intriguing character, appearing in every instalment of the Metal Gear Solid franchise.  Equal parts cunning and charming, Ocelot is one to drop a memorable one-liner that you can’t help but quote long after the credits have rolled.

I’d love to play as Revolver Ocelot, free from Snake under any alias, out in the world making his own way.  Alternatively, following a younger Revolver as a young KGB soldier would be fascinating, as he outsmarts enemies and colleagues alike to manipulate situations to his own benefit.  This setting would be unique from any other setting in the Metal Gear Solid series and could give Konami a new direction to take the franchise.

Princess Zelda – Legend of Zelda

Considering I thought I was playing as Zelda in the first few games, it’s a surprise that Zelda has still yet to be a main character in a Legend of Zelda title.  Sure, fans of the franchise would loathe losing control of Link, but playing as the Princess could put a unique spin on the turn of events.

The story could focus on Zelda either saving Link for once or possibly escaping from her kidnappers and trying to remain out of their grasp while she waits for Link to help her.  Zelda needn’t be a helpless damsel in distress; her range of spells could make magic her main offensive power, and her journey could be one of self-discovery.

Cortana – Halo

Cortana provides a strong influence as the main female character in the Halo franchise – and that’s despite being an artificial intelligence.  From being a loyal friend to a dangerous destroyer, she goes on quite a journey with Master Chief as the star of the show.  But, what if she was the main character for a change?

It would be great to see Cortana as the star of a strategy title, rather than a first-person shoot-fest.  Cortana could support Master Chief on his mission, starting the game in a vulnerable state but growing in power as the game develops.  Towards the end, players could play Cortana jumping between computer systems, unlocking doors, setting traps and taking control of sentinel robots and machines to annihilate enemies.

Dogmeat – Fallout 4

Ah, good ol’ Dogmeat.  This pedigree chum is one of the most powerful companions you can take with you through the wastelands in Fallout 4, following you without judgement to the end.

Playing as the German Shepherd in the wasteland could give an all-new perspective to the Fallout formula.  Players could hunt wild animals, choosing between plentiful irradiated prey or growing weak pursuing rare, clean meals.  Choosing which humans can be trusted and deciding who should be aided and who should be avoided could be key components of the game.

And I suppose someone could make him some dog power armour.  Because, why not?

Written by John

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