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ESO RP Guilds to Join for Roleplay in Elder Scrolls Online in 2023 (UPDATED)

Finding roleplay in Elder Scrolls Online can be a challenge so we have made it a little easier.

Finding roleplay in Elder Scrolls Online can be a challenge so we have made it a little easier to find by putting together this list of ESO roleplay guilds you should join.

Roleplaying in Elder Scrolls Online is made difficult due to the players being separated into different instances of the game called ‘shards’.  Essentially, you may be standing in a tavern seeing absolutely no roleplay around you while in another instance there are roleplayers exchanging tales in that very spot.

Many recommend going to The Withered Tree Inn in the Rift for spontaneous roleplay in ESO, but the various instances can make that a frustrating experience if you’re not passing through at peak times.

Fortunately, joining a roleplay guild or two (or ten) is a quick and easy way to get around the problem.  Once you’ve joined a guild you can quickly join another roleplayer in their instance of the game by right-clicking their name on the guild roster and clicking “Teleport To Player” from the drop-down list.  Easy.

These are ESO RP guilds you should consider joining:

They are all OOC guilds, meaning that you can chat with the guild members “out of character” and arrange to join their roleplaying sessions in-game when you’re ready.

Have fun!

If you have an Elder Scrolls Online roleplay guild that you’d like added to the list (whether an IC or OOC guild) leave a comment below with the details.

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