A blue watercooled PC.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watercool Your Gaming PC

William Johnson gives the argument for choosing watercooling over air cooling in your new rig.

BY WILLIAM JOHNSON: The PC market has completely evolved in the modern day and age.

While in the beginning, it seemed that computers would only be limited to people with professions, in the modern day and age, PCs are nothing less than an artwork (provided you know what you are doing).

One debate that always takes place among PC users is whether they should opt for water cooling or air cooling; the former being more over the top, and gorgeous looking than the latter.

Needless to say, there are some convincing reasons that say that you should water cool your PC – performance is a factor that is a given, but aside from the performance, there are some convincing reasons behind you water cooling your PC.

Whether you are opting for custom loop, or closed loop liquid cooling, the reasons are there, and in this article, we will explore them in detail to provide you a better understanding.

Top of the Line Cooling Performance

Sure, air coolers are great because they are safer, and the chances of critical failure are almost next to none. However, over the past couple of years, thanks to companies like EKWB, as well as Corsair and many other companies making CLC coolers, the safety has increased a lot.

At the given moment, if you are looking for top of the line cooling performance that would cool your processor or graphics card without breaking a sweat, you can’t get anything better than water cooling your PC.

It is true that custom loop liquid cooling or open loop liquid cooling will give you more performance, but at the same time, you need to keep in mind that you might have to spend more money. But in the end, the performance is going to be worth it.

Low Noise

After talking to a lot of PC gamers, the one thing I managed to conclude is that one of the biggest reasons why they move over to water cooling is because they can avoid the loud noise of the fans with the help of good liquid coolers.

Air coolers usually use fans based around air flow, and the fans need to spin faster in order to keep the chip cool enough, this generates noise which can be a problem for you if your chassis is not properly sound isolated.

So, if you invest in a good liquid cooler, coupled with fans that are on the quieter side, you are going to get a lower noise and you will be able to game and work in peace.

Achieve Great Overclocking Performance

Although many people would tell you that overclocking is not something that is good for your PC. Sure, we agree with that too, but the main question that comes in here is when does overclocking become good or okay for your PC?

The answer is rather simple to be honest; if you have a good water cooling setup, you do not need to worry about overclocking your PC. Yes, it still does rely on just how good your chip on is, but if you have struck the silicon lottery, and your chip has great overclocking potential, you can push your PC to the limit, and get the most of out of the performance without any issues whatsoever.

The Lifespan of Your Components Increases

Okay, this is something that needs to be explained in detail, because a lot of people I know fail to understand how it works. Your PC, just like every other electronic component you have can only take so much heat before it starts giving in.

This means that you must keep your components as cold as possible – the two main parts that need the best possible cooling are the graphics card, as well as your processor. The reason being simple, they are the parts that are used the most apart from your power supply, and have to handle the majority of load as well; especially if you are a gamer, or you do other productivity tasks such video editing.

Putting these parts under water cooling is great because it will allow you to keep the temperature under control, and considering how your parts will run cooler, the lifespan will increase as well.

Turn Your PC into an Art Piece

This mostly applies to custom liquid cooled setups because when it comes to the closed loop liquid coolers, you do not have a lot of choices as you mostly have to go with the flow.

The good thing about water cooling, and this is completely subjective is that you can turn your PC into a work of art. I am saying this because if you go take a detour of YouTube or some forums that are largely about PC gaming, you will see some of the finest works of art in the form of liquid cooled setups.


For anyone who is too afraid to try their hands on water cooling, the best suggestion I could give you is that you should start with closed loop liquid cooling.

Yes, I know it does not look as good as the custom loop, but it will give you a taste of finer things by introducing lower temperature. You should also know that if you are experiencing low temperatures with cclosed-loop liquid cooling, then you will get even lower temperatures with custom loop water cooling.

Whatever the community might say to you, there is no form of cooling in the market that can beat the water cooling scenario simply because of the performance that is evident, as well as the performance that is drastic enough for you to believe.

Written by an Adult Gamer