6 Reasons to Be Excited about Biomutant

6 Reasons to Be Excited about Biomutant

Biomutant is one of the most unique post-apocalypse games we’ve seen in a while.  While the excellent The Outer Worlds has rejuvenated the Fallout formula, Biomutant looks to freshen up the sub-genre with its grotesquely cute characters and colourful art-style.

Here are 6 reasons you should be excited about Biomutant.

1. Extensive Character Customisation Options

Biomutant puts the genetics of your racoon-like avatar into your hands from the get-go, letting you recode their genetic structure to change how they look and control.  Rather than choosing simply balancing a list of stats, you slide around a body type chart.  This will determine whether you’ll be controlling a thicker, heavier character that is slower but can deal more damage, or a skinnier, nimbler character that can only resist limited damage.  It’s the speed, strength and durability stats that you’ve seen before, but they have a much more visual impact than in most other games.

6 Reasons to Be Excited about Biomutant

The customisation options don’t end there.  After you’ve added claws, barbed tails and wings, you can head out into the world to earn “psi-mutations” including telekinesis and levitation, or add robotic limbs to create a cyborg-like monstrosity.

After a few hours, we should start to see characters that look and control very differently from each other, as players go on their own adventures and their creatures mutate to reflect their journey.

2. The Frantic Combat Looks Immensely Satisfying

Biomutant is billed as a “Kung-Fu fable” and the gameplay reflects that.  The developers have emphasised the importance of player freedom, and the martial art-style combat mixes shooting, melee and power from mutations into a unique concoction.  Watching gameplay footage reveals echoes of Bayonetta, Devil May Cry and even Black Desert Online.

In-depth progression systems and the ability to learn new skills from characters in the wild will ensure that players always have another upgrade to aim for while keeping the combat feeling fresh.

3. Weapon Are Fully Customisable

Biomutant gives players total freedom when crafting weapons.  Parts can be mixed and matched to create bespoke one-handed and two-handed firearms and melee weapons, including revolvers and shotguns.  Players can continue to modify their arsenal with items found in the world, or by completing quests for specific characters out in the world.

Here’s to hoping that rarer weapon upgrades aren’t hidden behind loot boxes or other paywalls.

4. The Story Sounds Engaging

Biomutant tasks the player with saving the New World as a deadly plague ruins the land and the Tree of Life slowly bleeds to death.  As hope dwindles, the six tribes that inhabit the world stand divided and all hope seems lost.  Until you come to save the day, that is.

A key objective is to defeat enemies gnawing at each end of the Tree of Life’s roots while forming alliances and defeating some of the tribes.  Expect to be challenged by both strength in numbers and the brute power of the more fearsome enemy types.

6 Reasons to Be Excited about Biomutant

With an epic overarching story and failure potentially having catastrophic consequences, the player’s actions play a major part in the unfolding narrative.

With the player given the agency to decide what direction to take the adventure in next, expect to see players trading tales of their own journeys through the New World.

5. The World Looks Incredible

Biomutant’s New World setting is captivating.  The post-apocalyptic universe conjures up memories of Enslaved, relying less on greys and browns seen in Fallout, and more on an expansive, bright colour palette.

The expansive open-world boasts a variety of location types to explore, discoveries to make, mysteries to unravel, characters to meet, and enemies to defeat.  Expect to explore everything from damp underground tunnels to lush green landscapes and icy mountain tops.

Traversing the world via mechs, paragliders, balloons, area-unique mounts, boats and more will ensure that travelling and exploring is rarely a chore.  It helps that the world looks so darn pretty, too.

6. The Developers Know How to Deliver Exciting Games

Biomutant is being created by Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic.  Cast aside thoughts about THQ’s ridiculously buggy and flawed WWE 2K20; the Experiment 101 team is comprised of developers behind Mad Max and Just Cause.

The Experiment 101 team knows how to deliver action-packed open-world adventures, and with a unique, furry spin on the post-apocalyptic genre to set them apart from the competition, they could create something truly special in the aftermath of critical flops like Fallout 76 and Anthem.

Biomutant is Coming Soon

Biomutant is one of the most promising new IPs on the immediate horizon as the year draws to a close.  With a 2020 release scheduled for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Biomutant has the potential to be one of this festive season’s biggest games.


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