A design for the Playstation Switch handheld console.

5 Awesome PS5 Console Concept Designs

With the PS5 dev kit having been pictured out in the wild, the design has some worrying that the final PS5 design will encompass the unique v-shape.

Fortunately, dev kits rarely resemble the final retail consoles that hit shelves (only one PlayStation dev kit has ever resembled the final console), which means that the PlayStation 5 design could be wildly different from the hardware that developers currently have their hands on.

Here are 5 awesome (and some weird) PS5 console designs:

PS5 Hexagon Concept Design

PS5 Console and Controller

Some people will hate this design for its garish huge hexagons, but that’s exactly the reason I like it.  This PS5 concept design looks obnoxious and obtuse, much in the way the original Xbox did.

It also wouldn’t look out of place beside a monster gaming PC, which is a bonus in itself.

Kudos to David Hansson for the design.

Levitating Console and Dualshock 5 Controller

PS5 and Dualshock 5 Controller

This effort has one foot in the world of sci-fi, featuring a floating spherical console and large controller design with an inbuilt camera, touchscreen and adjustable control sticks.

I’m not sure I could forgive the slightly skewed buttons, but the design as a whole is pretty interesting.

Kudos to Danny Hammond Jr for the design.

PS5 Slim and Sleek Concept

PS5 Slim Design by Kevin Tan

Designed to be a screen as much as a console, this PS5 concept design incorporates a revolutionary malleable screen for gamers to take their consoles with them.  The console can either stand up or lie flat and would help Sony to bridge the gap between the PS4 and PS Vita.

Kudos to Kevin Tan for the design.

PS5 Projector Concept Design

Now, I don’t love the design of this console itself, but with projectors being cost-prohibitive for many gamers, having an integrated projector could put them into the hands of millions, much as the PS2 did with DVD players.  The idea of having an adaptable controller would also be an amazing USP.

The Sony Playman

We’ve covered this one before in a lot more detail, but the Sony Playman is way too good to forget.

The concept of the handheld-console hybrid takes many obvious cues from the Nintendo Switch but makes a handful of additions and alterations to improve upon the usability of the Switch.  That coupled with a stunning sleek design sets it apart.

Like the Nintendo Switch, the Sony PlayMan concept has a large screen with left and right Sony Dualshock controllers.  These controllers can be attached to the screen, attached to a small touchpad to create a standard style gamepad or held independently.

All in all, it’s a beauty.  Given that detachable Joy-Con-style controllers have not been pictured with a PS5 dev kit, this design is unlikely.  Who knows – if we ever see another Sony handheld console, they may take cues from Nintendo’s wildly popular Switch console.

Written by John

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