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Game On, Adult Gamers

As adult gamers, we often find ourselves without enough time on our hands.

We work, have household responsibilities, and have social obligations. Some of us are in relationships, and some have children, who are the ultimate time drainers (THOUGH WE LOVE THEM VERY MUCH). If you are not in a relationship, then you may be dating in some capacity, which is also stressful and time-draining (perhaps you are in a relationship with a fellow gamer – that helps).

This is all on top of consuming our most desired forms of media. This is very important to almost any gamer within any gaming community. You likely have a show you are watching, a series you would like to re-watch, or a show that you just cannot find time to start. Movies are a big time commitment as well. If you are a big superhero fan, keeping up with every movie is pretty much a weekly commitment at this point.

Want to read a Star Wars novel that may help fill in some plot holes? Not that there are any – who would say such a thing? Well, I hate to break it to you, but reading a book or two is another very large time commitment for most individuals as well.

Maybe we are forgetting something here… ah yes! The reason you are here: video games.

Allocating time and money to video games can be a difficult task for adult gamers. Epic single-player games can take weeks of playtime, or more, depending on how limited your free time is. Online multiplayer games consume even more time as you improve, level up, and gain the necessary equipment and perks to compete. Many gamers also long for the nostalgia of putting together an evening with their friends to game late into the night online or on-couch.

Being an adult gamer is hard.

What Is an Adult Gamer to Do?

Fight the good fight, gaming amigos.

You probably are not into gaming to look cool. A gamer games because he or she has a hobby unlike anything else. Whether it is for competition different than any other, exploring worlds that are otherwise unavailable to us, or just messing around playing games that would not be possible through any other medium, playing video games is a special thing that only we, the gamers, truly understand.

The doctor will often tell you to exercise more, which is never bad advice. Do not forget too, to make time for video games. It keeps your mind healthy (probably).  Get up earlier before work if you must to knock out a few missions or play a couple of matches. Get a mobile game or handheld gaming device to fill in unexpected downtime. Make time with your friends to have a weekly gaming session.  Read terrific video game content at the friendliest and best outlet (you know the one – no, not that one…no, not that one…or that one…ugh…here: GrownGaming) that helps you stay connected. 

Sonic and Knuckles playing video games as adult gamers.

If you are passionate about games, don’t be ashamed! Embrace it and proudly dedicate at least a little time to your hobby. Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you have to stop gaming.

Please, game on.