Gaming PCs Are Expensive But The Game Sales Make It Worth It

Console gamers cite the cost of building a gaming PC as a prime reason for sticking with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.  But, they should consider game sales.

This isn’t an article to bash console gamers.  I’ve owned a variety of consoles throughout my life and I occasionally glance envious eyes over at the exclusives being enjoyed by the red, green and blue camps.

With that being said, the cost of being a PC gamer isn’t anywhere near as expensive as you’d think.

A PS4 Slim costs £230, a PS4 Pro costs £300, an Xbox One S costs £200, an Xbox One X costs £430 and a Nintendo Switch costs £280.  By comparison, a gaming PC with a GTX 1060 graphics card is going to cost you £600.

That means you could have a Nintendo Switch and either of the lower spec PS4 and Xbox One models for the same price.  That’s crazy and I understand why that would put console owners off of becoming a PC gamer.

Please don’t let that put you off.

As I sit scanning through the latest deals on Steam, Origin, GOG and Humble Bundle, I’m reminded how much I love being a PC gamer.  Being able to pick up AAA titles less than a year after launch for £15 is amazing.

Try to think of your platform choice as a long-term commitment.  In the long run, picking up PC titles for less than their console counterparts, even around the time of release, adds up very quickly.  So too does not having to pay for the PlayStation and Xbox subscription services, which are non-existent on the PC, save for the occasional MMORPG.

I’m all for players choosing their platform by the titles they want to play.  You might love Mario, or enjoy the PlayStation exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn, or, y’know…the exclusive games on Xbox.  And, that’s cool.  But, don’t dismiss PC gaming just because of the initial cost.  Long-term, it costs a similar amount.

Just a thought.