4 Online Co-Op Games to Play While In Lockdown

With Coronavirus cases rising by the day in many countries, one of the pieces of advice people are frequently being given is to self-isolate for at least a week to try and help prevent the disease from spreading.

But what do we do with all the time we now have on our hands (besides washing them)? Play some games, of course!

Here’s a list of four games you can play with your family and friends while self-isolating:


Raft may not be a new game, but it certainly makes the list. Trapped on a small raft with nothing but a hook made of old plastic, your mission is to survive across a perilous sea.

Build survival equipment, weapons, crop plots, and more to help you stay alive. Expand your raft, and be wary of the dangers of the ocean. With a dry throat and an empty stomach, survival will not be easy! Oh, yeah, and watch out for the sharks…


Human: Fall Flat is a quirky open-ended physics-based puzzle platformer set in floating dreamscapes. Your goal is to find the exit of these surreal levels by solving puzzles with nothing but your wits.

Teamwork is the key here, while you navigate through each “level” as wobbly humans. The game is quite challenging, but timing, precision, and well… defying the laws of physics will help you succeed.


Have you ever dreamt of being a pirate and commanding your crew while you sail in search of treasures? With Sea of Thieves, now you can!

Learn the art of sailing—after all, it takes a great pirate to navigate even the choppiest of waters. You and your crew will cover steering, navigating, setting the sails and maintaining battle readiness, along with repairing and bailing if things don’t go to plan. Consult your trusted map and travel the seas while you deliver precious cargo to its destination. And when your work is completed, do what all pirates do best: visit the local tavern and get drunk!

4. UNO

To conclude the list of co-op games you can play with your friends, here’s UNO, which is known among the masses as “The Destroyer of Friendships”.

You may think this is a simple card game where you match cards by colour/value and play action cards to spice things up. However, if you have played this game before you sure know the +4 Card can shake even the strongest of bonds between friends. For some reason, UNO unleashes the inner (and most dangerous) competitive side in all of us… Of course, this is all in good fun, and I’m sure you won’t let a single card—as menacing as the +4 Card can become between you and your friends.

What games will YOU be playing with your friends and family if you self-isolate?