The Nintendo Switch beside the Steam logo.

The Nintendo Switch Would Be The Ultimate Steam Streaming Machine

The Nintendo Switch and Steam Streaming would be a match made in heaven.

The Nintendo Switch is an incredible piece of hardware, but one that is limited by the number of games available for it.  While Nintendo has been keen to embrace more indie game developers and has already released a handful of quality first-party titles, the number of third-party titles continues to be a problem.

Now, imagine having access to the entire Steam library on the Nintendo Switch.

I wrote an article about Nintendo having got the Switch right, where I came to the conclusion that the Switch is a console you have alongside your main gaming system.  Following the release of the Switch, I’ve strongly considered adding the Switch to my collection.  I have a young family who would no doubt love the games, and being a PC gamer, there is a vacant spot under my TV for a Switch dock.

There is one thing that would make the Nintendo Switch a must-buy for me: Steam Streaming.

Yes, I’m a PC gamer through and through.  I love being able to upgrade my set-up as and when I want to, having access to an insane number of games for half the price of their console counterparts and being able to tinker with even more settings and mods.

PC gaming isn’t perfect.  I miss out on a bunch of console-exclusive titles and I have more friends with PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones than I do with monster gaming PCs.  Despite that, the problem I have with being a PC gamer is the lack of portability.  The only real solution is to invest in a beastly gaming laptop, which isn’t a realistic solution for me given the cost and lack of upgradeability.

PC gamers don’t have the choices that console gamers have to play their PC games wherever they want to.  PS4 players can stream to their PS Vita, Nintendo fans have their 3DS handhelds (and now the Switch) and Xbox players will soon have xCloud.

The Nintendo Switch is a beautiful piece of tech.  Despite its problems, it is a piece of hardware that has stolen the hearts of gamers around the world.  I want one, but not enough to actually buy one.  If it was possible to stream my whole Steam collection to it, however, my bank account and I would need to enter negotiations.

I don’t expect Nintendo to release a Steam app – that would be completely counterintuitive to their whole business model and ethos – but I am holding out the hope for someone, somewhere, to make my wish come true.

Until then, I’ll continue streaming to my phone with my homemade grip to hold onto my phone, looking at pictures of the Nintendo Switch imagining what could be.  At least until the Smach Z is released (let’s be honest, it’s dead).

Still, it’s nice to dream, right?