Here’s $100 Million, What Game Will You Build?

Let your imagination go wild!

It seems to me that the majority of gamers are a very opinionated bunch these days. I don’t like that mechanic, I don’t approve of this aspect, I wish this could change, and so on. Admittedly, I include myself in that category – I frequently voice my opinion on updates made to games (I’m looking at you, Activision… stupid movement mechanics) and changes pushed with seemingly very little thought involved.

It’s a fair question to ask these opinionated gamers: could you do better?

Let’s say you have the creative potential, a development studio, kick-ass voice cast, and – best of all – a huge budget. What happens next? What captivating and compelling creation will you conceive?

Do you have a vision to roll out a next-generation Battle Royale title, or the God of all RPGs? Perhaps you’ll write a sci-fi saga that will surpass Mass Effect (the originals, not Andromeda…), or a lucrative lawbreaker epic to rival the likes of Grand Theft Auto?

Let’s not restrict ourselves to creating something original – perhaps there’s a classic title you’d like to remake from the ground up? It’s certainly a trend in recent years; take something old and give it a new lease of life… whether the fans want you to, or not.

Story time!

When I was younger, I had a brilliant idea for a game that I tentatively named ‘Highwayman’. You’d take the role of an outlaw in the Old West, an honourable villain character, and would explore, journey and duel your way across the frontier. The game would involve stagecoach robberies, shootouts with the law, and a vast, open world.

I’ll be very honest – I didn’t have the first clue what I was on about. I started emailing developers willy-nilly with this amazing idea for a game, and was – obviously – turned down by all of them.

I mean, you don’t just email Rockstar and give them the idea for this brilliant title… before they release the exact thing you’ve described… Four years… later. Right?

*stares off into the distance, remembering*

How about you? If you had the team, means and budget, what kind of game would you make?


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  1. Great question!

    I think we’ve all had dozens of ideas for games. One I’ve thought about more recently would be a medieval/Viking first person PVP game on the scale of PlanetSide 2. You could be an archer with a short sword as a secondary weapon, a tank-character with a huge axe and the ability to pick up fallen players/debris and throw them a short distance, etc.

    But maybe I just need to play PlanetSide 2 and get the whole “huge war” thing out of my system?

  2. A game where you have to reshape the government with resistance fighters with mechanics of Operation Flashpoint : Resistance (The one released in 2002). Basically start very small, have a small base camp in the woods and starting with 3 or 4 AI soldiers with very basic weapons. Every weapon your team gathers will be added to the camp stockpile, including ammunition.

    Would be even greater if this could be expanded in an persisent online world with 1000s of players, fighting over territory and towns with AI soldiers. Like in capture the Island mode of the original Flash point game created by Bohemia Interactive (Not the ones from codemaster)

    Another game that would be great to see again, Gangsters: Organized Crime in a modernized version.

  3. A combined turn-based/real-time strategy game, where you play as a Batman villain. Specifically, the “crime boss” style villains: the Joker, Two Face, the Penguin, or Black Mask.

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