Rockstar To Announce GTA 6 In 2020?

Clues, Surprises, Teasers, Oh My!

In a recent article showcasing a record-breaking holiday season, Rockstar may have potentially teased GTA 6. While this is very much a ‘read between the lines’ kind of theory, it is also extremely possible.

In the words of Rockstar:

Plus, expect more big updates and a few surprises as we move forward into the year.

While this is vague in of itself, it comes as a separate clause to announcements regarding GTA V and Red Dead 2. The article discusses the online platforms of both titles, and lays out upcoming content. The bold indication of good things to come however, was a standalone point.

We are very much overdue a GTA announcement. It might shock you to hear it, but GTA V was first announced almost NINE YEARS ago. The game subsequently launched in 2013 (to incredible reception), but single-player fans have been left high and dry ever since. It’s no secret that Rockstar cherishes their online multiplayer modes a little too much. As it stands, fans of the near-23 year old franchise are starving for more.

Rockstar To Announce GTA 6 In 2020?
GTA V was an incredible game, but 2013 was a long time ago!

Speaking in a chronological sense, announcing a new GTA this late is an anomaly. Previously, the longest gap between iterations was a five-year stint in the middle of GTA IV and GTA V. Prior to that, GTA titles launched once every one to four years. This might paint a very clear picture of Rockstar’s indications: to await the launch of the new consoles.

BUT does that fit within their wheelhouse? Rockstar experienced incredible success in their ‘staggered launch’ of GTA V, first on Xbox 360 and PS3, then Xbox One and PS4, then PC. After all, GTA V was released barely two months before the current-gen consoles. It was a top-shelf, top-class economical move.

Traditionally, Rockstar have been unbeatable at keeping things a secret. There are usually very few leaks or credible rumours, and the beans remain very much in their tin way up until announcement. However, there have been a few telling clues in recent months.

Firstly, a Rockstar stuntman with claims to projects such as GTA and Red Dead posted on Instagram that he was currently working on a motion capture project. This post has since been deleted, following a huge influx of people demanding answers. Moreover, Rockstar did post numerous openings for programming roles within the company. This adds further credence to the notion that a big project is in the works.

Finally, there were posts – albeit ‘trolling’ posts – from the prolific voice actors of GTA V, on social media. Shawn Fonteno (Franklin Clinton) posted a snap of himself working in a motion capture suit, to a frenzied reception. Following that, Ned Luke (Michael de Santa) further exacerbated the trolling theme with a well-targeted comment:

GTA VI confirmed. Story DLC confirmed. Jetpack confirmed. VI map set on moon confirmed.

What do you think? Is this all smoke and mirrors, or is GTA 6 due for announcement any day now?

What would you like to see? Perhaps a revisit (or rebuild) of an old environment, such as Vice City or (bit difficult now) San Andreas?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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