Graveyard Keeper showing a graveyard and house and a man chopping wood.

Love Halloween but Hate Horror? Play Graveyard Keeper

If you hate jump scares but want to get into the Halloween spirit, you’ll dig this.

For those who like to be scared by their video games, there are psychological horror games that will haunt your nightmares.  But what if you don’t like being scared shitless for, well, fun?

If you’re looking to get into the Halloween spirit without sitting uncomfortably tense for a few hours, there is another option: Graveyard Keeper.

For those who haven’t heard of Graveyard Keeper, it is essentially Stardew Valley minus the farm and set in a, uh, graveyard.  You saw that coming, right?


The premise might sound silly, and it is, but taking control of the keeper of a cemetery is a ton of fun.

At its core, Graveyard Keeper is a top-down, building and farming game with the additional responsibilities of interring corpses and ensuring that their gravesites are well kept. Oh, and you can sell meat harvested from the cadavers and dump bodies in the river if you like.  Or you can resurrect the dead and put your zombies to work on chopping wood, mining and completing other mundane chores.

Who doesn’t like an undead gardener tending to their daisies?

It’s a bit ridiculous (okay, very ridiculous) but it’s a fantastic twist on the Stardew Valley formula.  While it isn’t as finely tuned as Eric Barone’s masterpiece, it is a great game to play this Halloween if you’d like to avoid jump scares and nightmares.

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