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Get Paid To Write About Video Games

Get paid to write about video games; news, articles, features, opinions and reviews. Join our writing team and become a pillar of our adult gaming community.

99.9% of video game websites will ask you to write for them for free, in exchange for the experience. Some might vaguely hint at free review copies of games at some unspecified time in the distant future, or press passes to unnamed events.

Well, I offered that too, because it’s all I had to offer honestly. I pay for the hosting and maintenance of GrownGaming out of my own pocket, and I am not a wealthy person by any stretch of the imagination.  I struggle each month, but I do it because I love it.

I recently got approved for Adsense and I realised that this is a great opportunity for me to share the current and future success of GrownGaming with those who share their writing with our readers.

Adsense allows 3 Ads on a web page.  I’ve decided to split that with you; we have the top and side Ads built into the site as standard.

The final Ad is yours. You can place it within your article, right there in the prime position.

I’ve made this decision for three reasons;

  1. I wanted you to get paid for your work. Really.
  2. I wanted a process that didn’t require you to rely on my honesty; with this system, you have your own Adsense account and you earn every penny you are entitled to.
  3. I wanted you to earn money for your writing forever; if someone clicks on the Ad in your article in 5 years time, you will still be paid.
  4. I wanted you to be a part of GrownGaming. I want you to feel like this is a website that wants you to achieve with it, but also one that makes you feel like you want to promote it – not just because it increases your chances of Adsense revenue, but because you know we’re trying to do the right thing.

So, that’s it. Register an Adsense account and post the code into your article.

If you run into any problems at all, email [email protected] – we’ll do whatever we can to help you.

If you’re interested in writing for us, you can apply here.

Written by John

I'm a 36-year-old gamer, clinging onto the gamepad despite real life responsibilities trying to pull me kicking and screaming away. You can follow me on Twitter: @johnlevelsup.

Current setup: Gaming PC with a 1080 Ti, Xbox Series X, Steam Deck, and retro consoles, on a Gigabyte M32Q monitor, sitting on a Flexispot E7 standing desk.