9 Games That Deserve Sequels

We want more! We want more! We want…oh, you get it.

Some games can stay in the mind of gamers years after finishing their progression. While we are getting more accustomed to games that have regular updates to keep us entertained for a long time, some of the best games never got these opportunities. These games have fallen into history and the need for a new installation in their coveted history has risen to an all-time high with the introduction of the next-gen consoles.

Some of these games already have sequels and spin-offs. However, these games are still included as the franchise does deserve a new installation.


Starting with, what remains, one of the best franchises to hit the gaming world, Infamous. Sucker Punch’s outstanding superpower-driven RPG has unfortunately taken a backseat as Sucker Punch moved onto a new project, Ghost of Tsushima (a game that is one of the best created). Yet, there is a dire need for a new InFamous title.

Currently, there are 3 titles in the series, two of which follow the loveable (or hated, depending on your playstyle) Cole MacGrath. What made this game great was the inclusion of a Karma system, where players could either turn the protagonist into a Super-Hero or a Super-Villain. This system also controlled the RPG elements and the story choices throughout the game, forcing players to play through the game at least twice to take in the entire story. This made its replay value extremely high.

The gameplay itself was outstanding. The first two titles gave players the chance to control lightning with Cole’s power and the third gave players to control Delsin Rowe, who had the power to absorb different power, leading to the control of smoke, concrete, and neon. These games were a blast to play, and the fact that we never got a new game with the release of the PS5 was somewhat disappointing. It would be great to revisit Cole or even have a cross-over of sorts with both Delsin and Cole competing or joining forces against a new threat to conduits.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Yes, we got a great new game in this series with Miles Morales as the Spider-Man, yet I would love to play another game with Peter Parker in. It was greatly hinted at the end of the first game that a second Parker installment is in the works and it would be amazing to have the opportunity to play as both Parker and Morales in the same game. However, I do think that Morales’ Spider-Man should also get a new installation. With a wide range of storylines and villains to explore, Insomniac Games could rotate between the two Spider-Men for each new installation in the series.

While nothing has been announced yet, it is only a matter of time before we get a new title in this series that revived the Spider-Man games. There is little to no doubt that Spider-Man is one of the most popular characters in the world, and his games can compete with the one other notable superhero that has a widely successful gaming franchise, Batman. Plus, the Batman games are expanding more than ever before with the highly anticipated Gotham Knights release around the corner. For this reason alone, Insomniac needs to continue to push out more Spider-Man games to allow for the series to grow in terms of content and fanbase.

God Hand

Gamers may not remember this wonderful game that, for many, flew under the radar. God Hand is a game that rose during the spike of beat ‘em up games during the heyday of the PlayStation 2. The game featured numerous boss fights and some great powers to go along with the addictive gameplay style that was like the older Devil May Cry titles.

The protagonist of the game, who is aptly called God Hand, is like Dante from the Devil May Cry series, providing players with ample amounts of comic relief as they plough through hordes of enemies to defeat the Demon King.

While the story itself is simple, the main attraction of the game was the mix between Japanese comedy and hardcore fighting. The brawling and progression systems were extremely attractive, and the game always deserved a follow-up that never came. In the years since its 2006 release, the game has generated a cult-following, mostly because it remains one of Shinji Mikami’s early titles following his Resident Evil success.

Command and Conquer

Real-time strategy games have almost died out in today’s market. Back in the 2000s, they were coming out left, right and center. During the height of RTS games, Command and Conquer became one of the most popular series in video games. The battle between the three factions within this gaming series was so captivating, with a unique storyline and a lot of key features that inspired more modern RTS games.

Even today, Command and Conquer hold a strong cult following. There were three major titles released for the series along with a handful of DLCs that added certain maps and features to the game. A revival of RTS games is something that can happen again, especially in the age of multiplayer games.

If a revival does happen, Command and Conquer deserve more than just a remaster or remake. The series hosted offline skirmishes but also had a great storyline that can be explored more. For this reason alone, it deserves to have a new title in its series.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Respawn, creators behind Apex Legends and Titanfall delivered one of the best Star Wars games of all time with Jedi: Fallen Order. It was so good in fact, that it seemingly erased the memory of The Force Unleashed trilogy from many Star Wars fans. The Force Unleashed, however, remains a great game in its own rights. The ability to shape the story of a force user to either be a Jedi or a Sith is something that fits perfectly in the modern-day open-world RPG setting. A new addition to the series could explore the game from this viewpoint, allowing players to play a game like Fallen Order, but with a sort of karma system.

While the Force Unleashed focused on Starkiller, a newer addition would most definitely have to focus on a new character. The game was great and with all the new techniques and features added into the newer Fallen Order game, we can only hope for a new Force Unleashed game. In many ways, it is the perfect amalgamation of a Star Wars game and Infamous. A great idea indeed!


Ever wanted to learn guitar or bass? Ubisoft had the perfect way for gamers to explore the wonders of learning an instrument while playing a game. Rocksmith was an admirable game that no doubt inspired millions of people to pick up the guitar. Unlike games like Guitar Hero and RockBand, Rocksmith allowed players to plug in an actual guitar or bass and learn songs and techniques in a structured manner. As Ubisoft gains more information and feedback, they should be able to greatly improve the game.

It would be great to see a new game with new features. With the rise of online guitar classes, it would also be interesting to possibly some integration between the YouTube classes and the games associated with the learning method of Rocksmith. Whatever it would look like, a new Rocksmith game would be a welcome game, especially during a time where so many people are trying to learn a new instrument.

Prince of Persia

The Sands of Time remake is around the corner and the return of the Prince of Persia is great news. However, a new storyline would be amazing. The fantasy gaming series has been always had a great following and the fact that we are getting a remake for new-gen consoles could be a hint that there is a new title coming out soon.

While the Prince of Persia games seem to have dried up by the time the third title came out, a continuation of the series could be a gaming revival that the gaming world needs. Additionally, exploring a new character in the world may also be the way to go, perhaps jumping forward to a future figure, or backwards to explore the beginnings of the dagger of time would be a treat.

FIFA Street

While FIFA titles have fallen out of favor recently, VOLTA has been a breath of fresh air. However, it is a game mode within a game and is often ignored. The fact is that VOLTA should be made into a standalone game.

FIFA Street is still one of the best FIFA games released by EA, and revisiting that genre is exactly what EA Sports needs to revitalize the FIFA franchise. While VOLTA is a realistic take on street football, FIFA Street was over-the-top, and this is what made it an absolute blast. From the enthusiastic commentary to the skill moves and “ultimate” abilities that each player had, the game remains one of the greatest sports games of all time.

With the decline of sports games in general, gamers need a fun, unrealistic, and over-the-top game to get sports gamers back into the joy of playing video games.

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup

For those that were not fortunate enough to play the Quidditch World Cup, it remains one of the greatest Harry Potter games. The game was a sports game where players were able to control a team in the Quidditch World Cup as they attempted to carry them to World Cup glory. The game was a unique sports game and gave people the ability to play an aspect of the Harry Potter world that has not been explored in games previously.

It would be great to see a quidditch game with better features and a better graphics and development standard. Not to say the original game was bad, but a next-gen game would be a welcome surprise

Honorable Mentions: Bully, Deadpool, Prototype, Mirror’s Edge, Jak and Daxter, The Simpsons: Hit & Run, Crysis, Max Payne, Shadow of the Colossus

Today, we are living in a sort of golden age of gaming. Every year we are given three to four games that defy all expectations and are heralded as greats. Even though the recent line of amazing games has all tended to be open-world or RPGs, it is without a shadow of a doubt that a great game can originate in any genre. These games that deserve a new title may not necessarily reach those same heights, but they can satisfy an itch that many gamers have had for quite a while now.