Gamer Resolution: Play More Co-Op Games With Your Significant Other

2017 is coming – fast. We’ve put together some New Year Resolutions that every gamer should consider. And we didn’t mention gyms or dieting because, no.

Gaming is a bit of a time-sink, let’s be honest. And unless you’re lucky enough to be in a relationship with a fellow gamer, that time-sink is going to come between you and the time you could be spending with your partner.

My wife isn’t a gamer. She’ll play The Sims on occasion, along with a bit of Candy Crush, but she doesn’t get video games.  She looks at them as a waste of time, rather than an interactive piece of entertainment.

I’ve tried to play co-operative games with her, but haven’t had much joy. Rocket League was a minor success at a party, never to be played again.  We didn’t get past the tutorial in Trine. We didn’t get past the third level in Little Big Planet.  And, Splinter Cell?  No.  Just, no.

But, I refuse to give up!  And you shouldn’t either!

Gaming is a huge part of who we are, and we should do all we can to share even a piece of that part of ourselves with our significant others.  Keep searching until you find something you can both enjoy.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be a co-op game per se; if you’re TV boxset fans then you could both make the story decisions in The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones games, for example.

Next on my quest is going to be Overcooked – I will not stop until we find something we both enjoy!