Gamer Friends Gone By

An ode to old friends we used to game with in our youth.  Our friendships may have faded, but the gaming memories will stand the test of time.

For a period in my life, I barely got by in classes because I chose to game over doing homework. I’d play video games online late into the night with friends.  Friends I had only met virtually.

We’d talk for hours and hours. I’d get to know about their gaming preferences, their aspirations, their sense of humour, and about their lives.  Then, life happened.

The video games we played faded into obscurity, console generations came and went, we got jobs and, I suppose, we grew up.  Over time, we lost contact, never to speak to each other again.

As gamers, I’m sure you all have memories of playing a favourite game with friends in your youth, whether in-person or virtual. Perhaps you may occasionally wonder what they are up to now. Are they still the same person? Do they still game? Do they ever wonder about you, too?

They are gamer friends gone by. You’ll never share those moments with them again, but at least you can cherish the memories.