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Best Free PlanetSide 2 Codes 2020 (UPDATED)

If you’re looking for the best PlanetSide 2 free codes to kick start your fun in Auraxis then you’ve come to the right place!. There are tons of free PlanetSide 2 codes available in 2020 and we’ve collated them for you.

All of these codes are 100% free and do not require you to log into shady third-party websites with your account.  You get free Planetside 2 weapons, items, decals, helmets, and more!

A screenshot of Planetside 2, showing a snowy war zone.


There are two ways to redeem the free PlanetSide 2 codes:

The first is to go to the Daybreak games website and log in.  After that, simply enter the promo codes in the box under where it says “Enter retail game card and promotional codes here:” and you’re good to go.

The second way to redeem the free PlanetSide 2 codes is to load up the game then navigate to the Depot (from the game, click ESC, then click the far right button which is a shopping cart) then click Redeem A Code.  You’ll enter the promo code there.

Now, on with the free Planetside 2 codes…


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  1. Hi
    PS2 love the game!!
    Been playing for 4 years now all factions, currently NC Infiltrator..
    Free code always cool to get, any updates !?


  2. Im highly disappointed that THE IMPERIUM WELCOME PACK does not work. I logged in and created a new account too, but it does not work

  3. But I dont know why it looks like i didnt get the decal and the knives. But i still get a free helmet and ns weapon. Thanks a lot

    • Thank you for letting me know.

      How are you enjoying Planetside 2? I’ve been getting the urge to jump back in.

  4. Ok so I play on PS4 and I’m not sure if I can use these codes or not. I don’t know how to link my PS2 account to my PS2 website account.

    • I am very sorry, I’m not on the PS4 and don’t know how to do this. From memory, you can get a free knife by signing up to the newsletter as a PS4 player, but cannot verify.

  5. New code available: PS2Escalation, grants Platinum NS-11AP and Salvaged Platinum Compound Helmet.


  6. is the imperium welcome pack avaible on all on the other soldiers on my account or is it just the one i redeem the code on

  7. is the imperium welcome pack avaible on all on the other soldiers on my account or is it just the one im logged in when redeeming the code

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