Why We Deserve A Final Fantasy 6 Remake

We deserved a Final Fantasy 6 remake before a Final Fantasy 7 remake.  There, I said it.

Final Fantasy 6 (Final Fantasy 3 to the Western audience) and Final Fantasy 7 are widely considered to be two of the best RPGs in gaming history.  The original Final Fantasy 7 was a great game and the remake is pretty darn good so far.  That doesn’t take away from the fact that a Final Fantasy 6 remake could have been even better.  The sixth installment in the franchise is of higher quality and deserved to receive the remake treatment first.

What Makes Final Fantasy 6 Better Than Final Fantasy 7?

Final Fantasy 6 has a better story, cast of characters, design, and music in my opinion. I played the game for countless hours on my SNES when I was a child and I continue to play it on occasion as an adult gamer.

WARNING: This article includes some spoilers, but I’ll do my best to keep them to a minimum.

The History of Final Fantasy VI

Square Enix (Square Soft at the time) changed the title of Final Fantasy VI to Final Fantasy III on the SNES for western audiences. Square Enix was not releasing games in the series in chronological order during this time. This was the third game in the West so the executives at the American branch decided to label it as the third game. The incorrect title caused confusion when Final Fantasy VII was released with the correct title. It was then that Western players learned they had missed a lot of games in the series.

Later, Final Fantasy VI was re-released with the correct title for the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance. This resolved the confusion of the incorrect title from the original release. Both versions have proper translations and offer the full experience. Despite the PlayStation version being very good, I recommend playing the version released on the Game Boy Advance.

A Final Fantasy 6 Remake Would Have a More Memorable Adventure

Many players remember Final Fantasy VII’s main epic moment: Sephiroth killing Aeris. That one moment does not compare to the many epic scenes from Final Fantasy VI. Every act in Final Fantasy VI is packed with exciting moments and overall the game delivers the perfect adventure.

One of the best scenes in Final Fantasy VI is Kefka destroying the world. It was one of the darkest moments in gaming during the 16-bit era. The game’s tone quickly changes to despair and the world’s structure completely changes shape, forcing players to re-learn the game’s map. Some scenes show people dying and falling in deep pits. Many towns are left in ruins, and plants are slowly dying in the new world.

A Final Fantasy 6 Remake Would Have More, Uh, Villainous Villains

Final Fantasy has two well-known villains. First, Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII is a very popular character in the series and probably the most recognised. Secondly, however, is Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka. This madman is one of the most destructive and yet colorful villains in video games. Kefka is the Joker of Final Fantasy. He kills comrades, burns empires, and poisons an entire empire with only one survivor.

Kefka is not the only evil star in the game. Many members of the Gestahlian Empire leave memorable impressions. Emperor Gestahl, who appears to be the main antagonist, desires to rule the world with a combination of magic and technology. General Leo is a loyal member of the Gestahlian Empire, and his loyalty is challenged by Kefka’s war crimes. Then, Ultros provides comic relief in many battles throughout the game.

Final Fantasy VI’s cast of villains easy eclipses those of Final Fantasy VII and every other Final Fantasy game.

Final Fantasy VI Has a Great Battle System

Final Fantasy VI features fourteen permanent and playable characters and a few temporary playable characters. Each character has a unique ability for combat. Edgar has powerful tools, Locke Cole steals items from enemies, Setzer Gabbiani uses the powers of gambling to defeat his foes. Every unique ability adds depth to each character, and fits their personalities in the game.

Furthermore, Final Fantasy VI was the first game in the franchise to allow the player to swap party members. This system was necessary due to the large cast of characters. The system added strategy, challenging the player to pick the best characters for particular missions and boss battles. I recommend trying a variety of parties to get the full experience.

However, the battle system is not free from flaws. One common criticism is that it can become easy because every character can learn every spell. This system has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you will always have a character with the ability to cast Cure III. On the other hand, there is less strategy in choosing a party for a mission in the second half of the game.

Final Fantasy VI’s battle system was much better than the original Final Fantasy VII, though admittedly, it would take a little bit of work to adjust it into a modern remastered version.

The Final Fantasy VI Remake’s Worlds Would Blow You Away

Many games in the Final Fantasy series have multiple worlds, such as Final Fantasy IV. These secondary worlds are often in different locations. Final Fantasy VI has a very dark version of this concept. The game’s second world is a dark and dying version of the first world in the game. Every location changes from lively areas to towns in ruins and restructured caves.

Furthermore, this is one of the rare moments in games with the antagonist successfully destroying the world during the game. The heroes fail to save many lives. Most games begin with the villain winning the first battle, and accomplishing an important goal, but Final Fantasy VI tells the full story of the conflict with many losses along the way.

Few games have attempted this and of those that have, I can’t think of any that do it better than Final Fantasy VI.

Final Fantasy VI’s Music Would Be Amazing

I cannot discuss Final Fantasy VI without mentioning its amazing soundtrack. This is one of the strongest soundtracks in the franchise. Dancing Mad is the theme for the game’s final battle. It is a beautiful composition. I dare say Dancing Mad is a better theme than One-Winged Angel from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy 6 Deserves A Remaster

Final Fantasy VI is a legendary game, and it is one of the best RPGs of all time. It is a perfect combination of story, gameplay, and design.

Final Fantasy VI deserves a remake and maybe it will receive the same treatment that Final Fantasy VII is receiving.  No one expected the announcement of Final Fantasy VII’s remake, so there is hope that the best game in the franchise also will also get one down the line.

Which Final Fantasy title would you like see receive the remake treatment?


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  1. I concur, FFVI was better in my opinion as well, but at the end of the day FFVII reigned in terms of sales. But I don’t count out the possibility of a VI remake if VII does really well.

  2. FFVII being remade made much more LOGICAL sense than whatever notion people have about what game is better or worse. That’s not the POINT. FFVII was remade because of what it represents for Square as well as the world. Its release was the first of many things for video games as a whole. If that’s too hard for y’all to understand, then I’m sorry. FFVI being better or not has no relevance. FFVI was not a critical success. FFVI was not groundbreaking in technology. FFVI merely continued already established concepts and designs in video games. FFVI doesn’t have the relevance in the world the way FFVII has. Everyone knows Cloud and Sephiroth. All these things matter.

    So again, stop thinking video game remakes get made simply because you like one over the other. History matters. And FFVII has the richest history of all FF games.

    • Lmao yea it really does not probably one of the weakest storylines of any RPG. Chase Sephiroth. I still don’t know what exactly happened with Cloud and Zack and I don’t really care

  3. I’ve heard this argument a couple times. VI is a great game, but when you say better story and cast of characters, that… as you said is a matter of opinion as I believe most would agree VII’s story and cast of characters were better. I’m not bashing VI… it was awesome. But VII was a worldwide phenomenon. VI was not worldwide. Also, Nintendo got angry with Square and booted them from their platform in 1995-1996. As a result VII became a PS exclusive. I would doubt that square would retroactively go back and remake the last game for SNES before getting booted. That’s a tragic story because I’d love to see a VI remake. I don’t believe it’s more deserving than VII, but I’d buy and really enjoy that game as well.

  4. I was into this until I saw how biased and opinionated it was. You’re barely using facts to back up why you think FF7 is inferior. You say
    7 has one epic moment well clearly you forget The dead midgar zolom body left by sephiroth or the weapons awakening and wreaking havoc all over the world and the mass amounts ofsephiroth followers commiting suicide at the north crater. Then you go as far as saying 6 has a better story and characters,which convinces me you’ve never even played 7. Not because I believe it has better characters, but because they are memorable and do have good character development, that makes you care about them. A bigger team doesn’t mean a better one, with less you get more. And if you’re going to compare games on why you think one should be made over the other come unbiased and with full facts.

  5. Way to substantiate your reply. In the vein, VI has the best story. Period.

    In reality, the best story is what spoke to you and should be appreciated for what it is. Aa pointed out above, VII historical impact ensures it means a lot to more people than VI ever did. I’d prefer VI over VII personally but me arguing that with an internet stranger is dumb.

    Appreciate someone’s opinion and move on. Better yet, dont real an opinion article if you’re going just say, “wrong.”

  6. 10 has a better story than both. So does the 13 trilogy. on top of that 5 is more deserving of a remake than 6 anyway. Lastly you dont even present your article as an opinion but rather state it as fact, and then get upset when someone says something different like 4 has a bettee story. You can see this in your replies by using the word period to describe an opinion

  7. FFVI may be the best RPG game ever together with Chrono Trigger. FFVI certainly deserves a remake but it would be difficult to make one that pleases people. How would you even start to design it? Would you go full CGI and have the game design like FF7 or would you go A Link to the past remake style and maintain a similar feel to the original. Would you maintain the same combat system or change it significantly to please the younger fans. There are a lot of questions that dont neccesarily have a right or wrong answer but can ruin the way the game is received by the community.

  8. FF7 has the psychology, philosophy, cinematography, archaeology, spiritualism, science, existentialism, colour theory, also hidden history, alchemy, anthropolosophy, religious subtext interwoven into characters and plot points. You can ignore all that, and you probably will, depending on how much you know in life.

    But even ignoring all that I can just say if FF6 was announced it wouldn’t have anywhere near the same reaction.

  9. Yes! More FF6 fans tears! MMMMM they taste so good! FF7 will always be more loved. It doesn’t matter which one is better, all that matters is which game makes more $. Reality bites.

  10. All those that have followed the FF franchise have favourite music or moments. I have every game in series and already pre-ordered FF VII remake.
    I would say music theme XII, sentimental is General Beatrix red rose theme in IX. Worst story is X2, worst game play XIII (far too linear). I am in love with Prompto in XV…. My favourite FF is VIII.

  11. FF6 fanboys are so flippant. I loved FF6 so don’t get me wrong when I tell you to get your head straight. This whole article was an angry rant for, in your opinion, favorite FF game. You proved nothing in your attempt make FF6 sound better then FF7. If fact, your just bitching about two awesome games. So accept my smiley face emoji when I tell you a real fact. FF7 is being remade, because it’s the best final fantasy game 🙂

  12. By the time you get the airship in the World of Ruin, the player can pick up every character including two extras: Gogo & Umaro.

  13. Nothing about Final Fantasy 6 was remarkable. Sorry Terra adventure was a little lame. Granted with HD space the way it is now the story could be followed up better and turned into something amazing; but lets get real the only thing cool about FF6 was all the magicite and number of summing you can do. I mean seriously when it comes to FF games you can’t harsh on graphics or music they are always top notch when released. You must set that aside every iteration will get graphically better and tighter music, but the story is either bust or not. FF 7 took us to a new level in terms of trying to bring FF into as modern of a world as possible with a great flare. I think the only fair way to judge a FF game is by its story thats why FF13 is the worse ever.

  14. Although you make good points, Final Fantasy VI wasn’t even in the top 5 sellers while FFVII sits on top. Hell FFVII had 3 discs.

  15. You aren’t completely wrong, but FFVII is more deserving than FFVI because that’s what got a lot of people into the series including myself although FFX is probably tied with FFVII for my favorite

  16. I completely agree with you. Final Fantasy 6 is by far superior to 7. It had the most compelling plot and interesting cast while 7’s plot was fairly good the subplot is a dumpster fire.

  17. As for those saying he is wrong, 7 is still an important land mark. Plus it had the advertising and internet to help launch it into its legendary status… but sales doesn’t always mean better. People do get caught up in FOMO. Not only that but fads also account for some of its status. Try taking off those rose colored glasses and see the game for what it is. A solid role playing game that had gotten many into the series. That also suffered from poor character development and a horrible subplot. Plain and simple. Remember, there was a time everyone thought mullets were great too.

  18. Final Fantasy VII got the most popular in the west, hence why it got a remake. But the storytelling is quite dull compared to VI, IV, II, IX. All the kids from back then got their hands on VII and now the game is overrated due to nostalgia. In term of characterization, VI got the best characterization in the series, and its themes are the most mature the series have ever came with. They’ll tell you VII and X are the best when it’s the only ff games they have ever played. VII is solid, barely a top five contender though. X is a meme with a lot of cringe, thing had barely any originality and homogeinity in it. (Nothing the previous games didnt touch.), mainly loved by people who have no idea of the concept of making a tangible story. Characters in VII are bland but it was made on purpose, though compared to other more silencious characters in the series, in VII, until the very end, they barely had any personality. They tried to play with it, while it had its charms, it walked on fire and it got burn. I love FF VII, i played it as a kid, and i replayed it a few times as an adult. I played VI only as an adult and i was amazed, in term of quality, in term of maturity, comparing VII to VI is a big joke, they are not on the same league.

  19. I was young when I played final fantasy 6 from the Super Nintendo all the way until the ps vita and own them still! Including the original PlayStation release It is far more better game then the rest of the series and it’s most respect that it should have a remake not another remaster, final fantasy 7 remake is really good visually but to me the appeal of the look I found the original still better because you just can’t beat the classic gameplay and it seems that it most likely won’t have everything that the original had to offer, as well as adding things the original didn’t. I do think they need to remake final fantasy 6 however I don’t want it to loose the gameplay appeal that I enjoy playing with the original. I am looking forward to Final Fantasy 8 remake and maybe 6&9 I would like I see as well come.

  20. The game that I still know as FF3 is one of the best games I have ever played, and remains one of my favorites. But I do understand that those who are younger really can’t enjoy it as much as those of us who played it when it was new. I was in high school back then, and it was such a huge, amazing experience compared to anything else that was out at the time. Also, the most expensive video game I’ve ever purchased, at over $90, before standards were introduced.

    A full, ground up, HD remake with voice acting could be the best video game ever created, assuming that it was one title and not split apart like FF7 has been. But I’m not going to hold out hope for it ever happening.

  21. The main issue is the scope of FFVI. It has a much broader, much grander scale of a story and lore than FFVII and a very large cast of characters. The FFVII remake only took us into the city of Midgar and that was a fully fleshed-out game, but it covered only a fraction of the original game. FFVI deserves to be told in full without feeling like it’s being rushed, and that would be one hell of a budget.

    I really do hope we get a true remake, but I’m sadly not going to hold my breath.

  22. I certainly hope that it does recieve a remake and is meticulously done, because this a game that has gotten phenomenal reviews throughout the years, always a top rated game for all the reasons above.

    The remake has my vote.

  23. And this doesn’t even touch on the themes found throughout Final Fantasy VI that VII doesn’t even touch on. I remember playing the originals, and honestly, I was disappointed by VII. I live for the story, and VII’s just really fell flat for me. I didn’t like Cloud. I didn’t like Tifa. The fact you let Yuffie even close to your party after what she pulls irritated me. Red XIII and Cid were great, but honestly, for the most part, the story was just okay. I always figured it got the boost it did because, for a lot of people, it was their first Final Fantasy, and nostalgia can do that.

    But the themes of VI… the fact the bad guy *wins* halfway through the game, and there’s no way anyone (unless they already know) can see that coming. The fact that VI touches on suicide, teenage pregnancy, and depression. There are people you can’t save. Hell, you can cause the permanent deaths of two of the cast of playable characters. Honestly, the game was very ahead of its time, in my opinion.

    I think my favorite thing about VI, though, is that it focuses very much on the idea that, even if life kicks you in the stomach, even if you get suicidal, or even if you have to stop fighting for a while to look after yourself and give thought to your life, that doesn’t mean it’s the end for you, and in the end, you *can* still be a hero.

    Not to mention one of the most powerful moments I’ve ever seen in any game or story:

    “Why do you build, knowing destruction is inevitable? Why do you yearn to live, knowing all things must die?”

    I will be waiting and hoping for a remake.

  24. It’s hard and probably impossible for many people to empirically hold FFVI to a higher standard than FFVII. Both did have many great aspects, and one is often loved more than the other for subjective reasoning. I do favor VI over VII. I’ve played the FF series all the way back to I. When I saw a friend playing the American release of III, I was instantly drawn to the game like no other. It was the most beautiful piece of art I had ever seen. I think there were some instant catches to why I liked the game so much, but also some deeper and more subliminal reasons as well.

    I think the instant catches were the fact that although VII was for a more advanced system and had more advanced graphics, VI was basically maxing out the art and technology that was understood up to that point for the SNES system. VII was more advanced, but it was still very early on in the development of PS. VII came out just barely over 2 years after the release of PS, where VI effectively had 3.5 years to be envisioned and perfected. The year and a half of extra time without a platform change does translate to extra attention to detail I believe.

    Some of the more subliminal things to me, as a kid, when I played, but were realized later in life, was that VI seemed more relatable to the real world to me. I know it contained magic and espers, but it basically augmented those characteristics over a storyline that was loosely based off of modern real world events. Up until VI, the FF series had stuck to the old dungeons and dragons tales of yore. They were fun, but it was hard to connect them into the real world, and simply felt like I was playing something that happened a long time ago. VI essentially lives in a time very similar to what the world may have been feeling in the early 1940s with the rise of Nazi Germany. A madman who was realizing larger-than-life weapons, studying occult practices, selectively mating to create a superior race, etc…, was slowly taking over the world. Airships, opera houses, steam technology, and the political atmosphere were all characteristics that were very close in the history of humanity. When I saw an airship fly in FFI or US FFII, you knew something was off. It’s not possible for a giant wooden ship hull to be lifted and controlled by helicopter type propellers. But the blimp style of airship in VI? That’s easy to realize. Certain things just clicked in place and all of a sudden, FFVI felt like a piece of alternate history to the real world.

    By the time VII was out, it was light years into the future with what we could understand, and took on the added genre of sci-fi. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m just saying that FFVI was a rare time in the series where its storyline was very close to a time in modern history that all of our lives have changed from via our grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparent’s lives. As a result the story of FFVI feels more grounded to me, where as FFVII’s storyline felt more flighty and imaginative. I know everyone loves getting lost in a good story, no matter how unrealistic it can be, but the story line of FFVI came to me instead of me having to go to it, and that just felt more natural. Although I did enjoy FFVII and it was a great game, it will never compare to the special place that VI lives on in my mind.

    • Thank you so much for sharing. This is one of those occasions where I feel a comment should be republished as an article!

      I haven’t ever played FF6 myself – I have bought it, twice, but it just hasn’t happened yet. The original article had me interested in firing it up but your comment has helped to move it onto my “to play” list. A more grounded Final Fantasy sounds like an adventure worth having.

  25. Brother I’ve been saying this for years I loved ff7 but my all time was ff6 for so may reasons each character with there own unique background story, the innocent comedy, the sadness that’s takes place the battles man I can go on and on. Final Fantasy 6 Deserves a true remake because it’s hands down the best final Fantasy out of all the series. I still play it from time to time and can only imagine what it would look like today especially the opera one of my favorite scenes. Thanks for posting this it’s great to see I’m not alone on this. Cheers.

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