Ronaldo celebrating in FIFA 18

FIFA Ultimate Team: Best Bargain Players To Stick On The Bench

Regardless of your chosen league or nationality for your FIFA 18 Ultimate Team squad, these are 5 of the best bargain players to substitute on from the bench to win a game.

Please note, when we say “bargain” we don’t necessarily mean players worth 1-2K coins.  These are players that should be worth 50K-500K but that you can pick up for significantly less.  They have the ability to change a game and deserve a spot on your bench, regardless of the nationality of the league of your squad.

1. Quincy Promes – RW – 82 (PS4, 1.6K | XB1, 1.3K | PC, 1.2K)

Promes is both cheap and deadly.  He has the pace to beat defenders on the wing, 4-star skills to work his way into the box, and 4-star weak foot to either score or assist a goal.  His 82 jumping can also make him a threat at corners, despite his small height and poor heading accuracy – he has come good for me on numerous occasions.

On the surface, his stats don’t look much different from many wingers, but everything combines to create a truly lethal scorer and goal-provider – for a low, low cost.

2. Alejandro Gómez – CF – 84 (PS4, 18.5K | XB1, 12K | PC, 19K)

Gomez isn’t the cheapest striker on FIFA 18 but he is definitely one of the most deadly.  Capable of scoring and assisting goals, he also has the electric pace (94 acceleration) to leave defenders in his dust after a quick one-two pass.

I originally bought Gomez as a short-term measure before I could afford Dries Mertens (a 138K player).  After getting Dries Mertens I’ve had to find a way of accommodating both because Gomez is honestly just too good, often out-shining Mertens.

3. Medhi Benatia – CB – 84 (PS4, 3.3K | XB1, 2.7K | PC, 4.3K)

Benatia is a rock solid defender for almost a discard price.  His 89 strength is enough to muscle even the strongest attackers off of the ball, and his defensive stats are nothing short of exceptional. Add to that his respectable pace of 74 and you have a defender to bring off of the bench to see the game through to the end.

4. Marco Asensio – CAM – 84 (PS4, 8.6K | XB1, 4.5K | PC, 9.6K)

Marco Asensio is the equivalent of a super-sub.  He has more pace than many central midfielders meaning that he often runs circles around them, sometimes seemingly giving your team two extra players as the opposition are tiring.

His 86 short-passing makes him an exceptional passer of the ball in the middle of the park, releasing strikers with defence-splitting through-balls, and his 87 long-shots will make him a threat on the edge of the box.  Asensio should cost four or five times his value, especially given the popularity of La Liga.

5. Lorenzo Insigne- LW – 85 (PS4, 15K | XB1, 10.5K | PC, 15K)

Insigne is an exceptional winger.  His 94 acceleration is blistering but the real shining light in this card is the dribbling stats. His agility, balance, ball control and dribbling is nothing short of world-class, enabling him to weave past even the best defenders in the world.

Insignes finishing looks to be sub-par, but his 83 positioning often puts him in positions to receive the ball where you simply cannot miss. He is, without a doubt, one of the deadliest wingers in FIFA 18.