Best Elite Dangerous Mods & Enhancements in 2019 (UPDATED)

These are 2019’s best Elite Dangerous mods and enhancements.  Frontier has created a space simulator that is unfathomably huge.  Now you can make your time in space even better.

Here are our best mods, tools and enhancements for Elite: Dangerous.

HUD Recolour

You spend a lot of time in your cockpit, so why settle for the standard orange colour?  With this mod, you can change your Elite: Dangerous HUD colour to a colour of your choice.

This is a mod that requires a bit of tinkering but has been made easy by a player by the name of Arkku.  His webpage explains how to re-colour the HUD in fairly simple terms. Choose the colour you like, then copy the text provided in the left-hand box to an XML file. It’s a simple yet effective change..


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  1. For Head Tracking you missed EDTracker.
    It uses motion sensors, so no need for cameras or darkened rooms. There’s DIY instructions and tools for a microUSB version and a commercial Pro version that comes in wired and wireless variants. Very good indeed, and compatible with facetrackIR and Opentrack software. Cost $10 – $85 depending on what you want.

  2. Yep EdTracker is a minimal spend wired and wireless very effective very responsive a must buy if you’re not going all in on VR

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