Best Elite Dangerous Mods, Apps and Add-Ons in 2020 (UPDATED)

If you’re looking for the best Elite Dangerous mods, apps and add-ons in 2020 then you’ve come to the right place.  We’ve collated the Elite Dangerous mods and enhancements that will improve your time with Frontier’s unfathomably huge but incredibly awesome space simulator.

Here are the best mods, tools and enhancements for Elite Dangerous in 2020.

Elite: Dangerous HUD Colour Theme Editor

You spend a lot of time in your cockpit, so why settle for the standard orange colour?  With this mod created by a player by the name of Arkku, you can change your Elite Dangerous HUD colour to a colour of your choice.

Best Elite Dangerous Mods, Apps and Add-Ons in 2020 (UPDATED)

This is a mod that requires a bit of tinkering but has been made easy.  Arkku’s website explains how to re-colour the HUD in fairly simple terms. Choose the colour you like, then copy the text provided in the left-hand box to an XML file. It’s a simple yet effective change.


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  1. For Head Tracking you missed EDTracker.
    It uses motion sensors, so no need for cameras or darkened rooms. There’s DIY instructions and tools for a microUSB version and a commercial Pro version that comes in wired and wireless variants. Very good indeed, and compatible with facetrackIR and Opentrack software. Cost $10 – $85 depending on what you want.

  2. Yep EdTracker is a minimal spend wired and wireless very effective very responsive a must buy if you’re not going all in on VR

  3. Just want to share the free mod skin lol challenger avatar generator that I was able to create, you might want to try it out, you’ll get the chance to choose and create your own avatar, it’s very easy and anytime you wanted to change you don’t have to pay and spend a single cent.

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