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Do You Have a Gaming Relationship?

A Couple That Games Together, Stays Together?

I often tell myself that I’m lucky to have my partner. It’s no secret that I can be pretty obsessive over my games – it’s a lot to take at times. When a new favourite launches, I have to have it. I’ll sink in double-digit hours in the first weekend. I’ll be talking about it non-stop. I’ll be up until the early hours, bleary eyed, until my controller dies.

And then I’ll usually just change the battery.

However, there’s no issue… Why?

We have a ‘gaming relationship’.

The first time we spoke was over a video game – Dead Island, on the Xbox 360. In the seven years we’ve known each other, our journey has been studded with games. We’ve teamed up on titles such as The Division, Fallout 76, Elder Scrolls Online, Modern Warfare, and many more. Although the gaming has slowed in recent years, it’s still present – and visible.

Yes, we do get out… I promise!

It’s something that crops up fairly often in conversation and – honestly – people seem surprised. Is this due to a lingering impression that females don’t game? Or, is this an example of the apparent ‘rarity’ of the gaming relationship?

I’d certainly hope it’s not the former, given that Statista shows that almost half of all gamers (US) are made up of women!

We’re definitely not alone.

friends playing games

In our circle of friends, we probably know two couples that have similar tastes to us. It’s always one or the other plays video games, but not both. It’s highly likely there are millions of couples out there in a gaming relationship, but we’ve not seen many as of yet.

Let’s be clear – we’re not over the top. We’re getting married in May, but it isn’t a ‘gamer wedding’. Our home isn’t plastered with gaming memorabilia (too much). Only one of us has gaming-related tattoos.

Okay, so the names we’ve picked for our firstborns are Jacob and Evie, but that’s because they’re brilliant names.

I digress.

I think a gaming relationship is extremely beneficial for both parties. It’s an immediate connection and a hobby in common. It’s joint excitement over the same releases, and a helping hand when you need it. It’s a couch co-op or online exploration experience. It’s a healthy (sometimes) debate over what’s best, and which character would win a fantasy fight.

It’s the same as a couple that adores movies, television shows, sports or travelling. If your biggest passion is a base connection, your foundations are strong from the get go.

I’m not a relationship guidance counsellor or anything, that’s just my two cents.

What about you? Do you have a gaming relationship?

Conversely, do you have a partner who cannot stand your gaming habits? Maybe you think it’s your partner who needs to put down the controller?

Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. My wife is not a gamer, however she understands and lets me do my thing. I’m very lucky as I too can be slightly obsessive over gaming. I’ve sunk many hours into games with her on the couch doing her own thing but still being together – works a charm!

  2. The statistics that half of gamers are female is only half true, though. The reason is that smartphone gaming is counted in as well. And let’s be honest, someone who play Candy Crush during a break to fill the time is not a real gamer – at least that is my opinion. This said, there are still lots of real female gamers out there who play consoles, especially Nintendo, and even PC.

    This said, my wife and I do game together occasionally 20 years down in our marriage. From october to new year 2020 we spent almost every evening in World of Warcraft. But in general her interest in games has slowed down a lot durin the last decade. When we met she had some experience, mostly from playing at the arcades but I soon got her to play all kinds of games on PC, SNES, N64 as well as Playstation 1 and 2. In recent years however her interest sadly diminished almost completely.

    I am at least lucky that she doesn’t mind me playing… and, well, I’m certain that we’ll play at least WoW again someday in the future for a month here and there.

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