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In Defense of Angry Joe

Joe Vargas, better known as Angry Joe, would be the first to say, “F##K YOU! I don’t need defending!” But Brian Kaya decided to do it anyway.

With over 2.5 million followers on Youtube, over 300k on Twitch, and 244k on Twitter, Angry Joe would probably be right; he doesn’t need defending.

Yet, any time I say how much I love Angry Joe, I find I have to defend myself. Go on any video-game focused message board and start a thread about Angry Joe; it’s like live-bait for all of his haters and trolls.

I get it. Angry Joe is…, angry. He’s opinionated. He’s loud and obnoxious.

Angry Joe reviews games, movies, TV shows, and all manner of pop-culture and geeky goodness. He’s supposed to be opinionated.

If his opinion differs from yours, that’s okay. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. As much as Angry Joe is entitled to his.

You might actually like him when he’s angry….

His loud, obnoxious bellowing is a sign of his passion. He loves what he’s doing.

When he finds or reviews the latest rendition of a beloved intellectual property that fails to meet his expectations, he’s going to let you know, in no uncertain terms.

If a game or game company really riles him up, Angry Joe will go into his Angry Rant mode. When he does, prepare for much NSFW vocabulary.

He’s not called Happy Joe for a reason….

Conversely, when he loves a new game, movie, whatever, he wears his enthusiasm on his proverbial sleeve.

To be perfectly frank, what I love most about Angry Joe is how closely his tastes and opinions match my own. It’s actually quite frightening.

I know that if Angry Joe likes something, or hates it, I’m secure that I’ll feel the same way. Plus, it’s nice having my opinion validated by another.

Based on Angry Joe’s expression, predict his opinion of the new Ghostbusters game.

It’s happened time after time. I”ll buy a video game and play it for several days before Angry Joe puts up his own review of it, or I’ll see a movie on release day and then check out Angry Joe and his friends’ review.

It’s scary how much Angry Joe’s thoughts and views match mine.

Also, Angry Joe and I are both huge Superman fans.

A proud Superman fan

I unabashedly enjoy Angry Joe’s Youtube uploads.

His game reviews make me laugh. The skits and featured personalities in them are juvenile and silly, but he and his cast mates are obviously having fun making them. It shows in their performances and overall tone, and it is infectious.

I find his movie reviews particularly informative, as he includes long-time friends “Other Joe,” also known as “O.J,,” and “Delrith.” O.J. and Delrith provide the perfect foils for Angry Joe’s dominant personality.

L-R; Delrith, Angry Joe, Other Joe

OJ is quiet and thoughtful, and when he’s allowed to speak, his opinions are valid and just.

Delrith is knowledgeable and astute. He often sees or picks up on points and factors his two cohorts miss. …When he gets a chance to talk.

When watching Angry Joe’s movie reviews, or anytime O.J., Delrith, and any of Angry Joe’s other friends are in attendance, Angry Joe often cuts off his fellows in the mid sentences. Which is unfortunate, as I like hearing what O.J. and Delrith have to add.

But I have to remind myself it’s called “The Angry Joe Show.”

Not “The O.J. Show.” Not “The Delrith Show.”

“The Angry Joe Show.”

But again, that’s just part of Angry Joe’s enthusiastic and passionate personality.

Don’t do it, O.J.! Don’t ask Angry Joe THAT question!

The one thing Angry Joe and I differ on is zombie games. Don’t ask Angry Joe if he wants to play another zombie game.

I love zombie games. I’m not tired of them. Not yet.

I don’t know why nor understand the anger his haters have for Angry Joe. Whatever the reasons people choose to hate on Angry Joe, I hope it’s not for his opinions and views, especially over video games or movies. That’s just silly.

Is it because of his success and popularity? That’s jealousy and envy.

If it’s none of the above, to each his/her own.

Ultimately, I suppose defending Angry Joe is defending myself, and my right to my opinion.