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7 Best Cheap FIFA Ultimate Team Players

The best FIFA 18 Ultimate Team players aren’t always cheap, in fact, they can be darn expensive.  But, not always.

The good news is, there are some cheap gems out there for a fraction of the price of Cristiano Ronaldo and co.  Here are 7 of the best cheap FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Players.


Tom Heaton will only cost you around 700 coins, but the Burnley goalkeeper is 80 rated, with 83 for Reflexes.  He is the goalkeeper you want between the sticks when a striker is baring down on you and you need a last-gasp save to keep you in the game.

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Mario Gaspar is an 81 rated rock-solid right back, with a powerful shot should he end up in an attacking position (he will be a joy to head the ball to on the edge of the box from a corner).  He is physically strong and his defensive stats are just as solid.  You won’t find a better right back for 1,000 coins.

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Sebastian Coates isn’t the quickest defender in the game, but he makes up for it with Strength (93) and Aggression (82), along with 84 Standing Tackles and 85 Slide Tackles.  If you pair this 81 rated defender with a pacier Centre Back, the combination could be deadly.  Coates will only set you back 1,000 coins.

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Much like Coates, above, what Sakho lacks in pace he more than makes up for in defensive and physical stats.  90 Strength, 86 Aggression, 81 Interceptions, 83 Standing Tackles…this man is a beast. The 81 rated defender will only cost you 1,200 coins.

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Looking for a cheap central midfielder with incredible passing ability?  Look no further than Jorginho.  The central midfielder is like a budget Cesc Fabregas, boasting 85 short pass, 84 long pass and 83 vision. Coupled with his 82 agility, 81 reactions and 84 ball control, Jorginho is a player who can use his technical ability to create a bit of space to launch a goal-creating opportunity forward with pin-point accuracy. The 81-rated central midfielder will cost 1,300.

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Suso is an 82-rated right winger who will cost you less than 1,000 coins. He has outstanding dribbling ability, thanks to his 86 Agility, 86 Balance, 89 Ball Control and 87 Dribbling, combined with 84 Acceleration and strong passing.  Oh, and did we mention 4-star skills?  BUY HIM NOW!

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If you’re looking for a strong target-man with a good touch, look no further than Olivier Giroud. The striker is 82-rated and will cost less than 1,200 coins, yet has the physical presence to bully defenders. 83 Attack Positioning, 83 Finishing, 85 Shot Power, 82 Volleys, 82 Reactions, 82 Ball Control, 82 Jumping, 90 Strength…the stats themselves paint a picture of how you should play with Giroud in your time.  Get the ball in the box and let him do the rest.

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Joshua King is a bit more expensive than many of the other players we have recommended at 4,000 coins, but he is well worth it. The Bournemouth striker has the pace to beat even the best defenders (87 Acceleration and 92 Sprint Speed), then the finish stars to put it into the back of the net (82 Finishing). He is the player you want to receive the ball when you’re launching a counter attack, and the perfect player to partner with the slower Giroud in attack.

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Are there any other cheap but great FIFA 18 Ultimate Team players?  Let us know!

Written by John

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