Trevor shooting surrounded by fire in GTA 5

A Game To Play Forever: GTA V

I’M STUCK ON A DESERTED ISLAND! Good news: I have 10 video games of my choice to play until the end of time. #1 is GTA V.

OH NO, I’M STUCK ON A DESERTED ISLAND! But, I brought 10 games with me to play until the end of time. You can read my other choices here.

GTA V/Online = two games in one = BONUS!!

Well, technically it is a dozen games in one.  You can treat Los Santos as your own personal crime simulator, or head to the hills for a tranquil first-person walking simulator.  You can investigate the many mysteries in your own detective thriller, or jump in a big rig for some truck driver simulation.  Then there is tennis to play, movies to watch, races to win, deathmatches to dominate, planes to fly, boats to sink, bicycles to ride…heck, when you have GTA, it’s hard to find a genre that it doesn’t touch.

San Andreas is a richly detailed city, with something to see down every turn.  You can run wild, or roleplay as a regular civilian.  The cars are varied and upgrading them to perfection is a fun distraction that quickly turns into an engrossing timesink.  Which is good, because I’ll have a lot of time to fill on this darn deserted island.

Taking the game online brings a whole new dynamic – the mayhem is cranked up to a critical level, and there is every incentive to get a little bit better and to be the dominant force on the server.  Winning races against human opponents never gets old, neither does taking down a group of griefers who have been ruthlessly targeting every noob in sight. Justice.

The fact is GTA V and GTA Online have so much depth and so much to do that it would be foolish to leave it behind.  It’s my number one choice in my deserted island collection.

You can read my other choices here.