Transformers fighting, causing an explosion.

5 Fighting Mobile Games You Should Check Out

BY DARLENE HOLMES: Mobile games are renown for poor-quality clones of popular titles.  These fighting games are every bit as enjoyable as their fully-fledged PC and console counterparts.

5. Transformers Forged to Fight

Let’s start off with a classic franchise that was recently made into a fighting game this year. Transformers Forged to Fight is a basic side view fighting game with very simple mechanics and controls.

Swiping directions to move and attack, holding certain sides of the screen to change what kind of attack you do. All very familiar mechanics from other fighting games on the market.

What makes this fighting game so good is the franchised attached to it. Transformers is something almost everyone in the world knows about and its fan following is massive.

Making a game about these giant transforming robots fighting each other was a simple spark of genius. And the fact that the game controls so well and has its own story made just for the game only adds to the effect.

Plus, with the number of updates that are released, Forged to Fight is getting more characters and other content to make the game better. If you’ve ever been a fan of Transformers this game is definitely one of the best you can find.

4. Soul Calibur Mobile

Soul Calibur is a classic fighting game series that made its way to a mobile adaptation of great success. The game plays exceptionally well on mobile devices keeping all of the original fun from its console predecessor.

The mechanics of Soul Calibur add a more simplistic feel to the fighting franchise. Being less about doing difficult combos and more about dealing the most damage and aiming for ring outs.

A big appeal for this game franchise is the wide variety of unique characters you’re able to play as. It has a good roster size for a fighting game and each character is different and unique making them all have their own feel and play style.

To anyone who never got to play this gem growing up or is looking to relive the fun of this game now is the time. Soul Calibur Mobile is a great port of a great game and deserves more attention.

3. Mortal Kombat X Mobile

The grand daddy of all fighting games, Mortal Kombat. Probably the most famous fighting franchise to ever be made and mostly known for its extreme violence and gore.

And Mortal Kombat X Mobile doesn’t shy away from any of it. A full adaptation of the console version, Mortal Kombat X brings nearly everything with it to the mobile aside from the obvious console control.

It plays nicely with mobile mechanics and is very intuitive with little issues involved. It looks amazing as if playing the full console game on a mobile device.

In all honesty, there probably aren’t a lot of people that haven’t played or at least tried Mortal Kombat X Mobile. But for those who haven’t and are big fighting fans, I definitely recommend this one to you.

2. Injustice 2 Mobile

Similar to Mortal Kombat X, Injustice 2 is another adapted console to mobile game. And this one shares a lot of similarities to MKX.

The big thing about Injustice 2 is it being a fighting game all about DC Comics. Having dozens of famous DC heroes and villains to choose from, and with the games multi verse theme there are different versions of the same characters.

Having multiverse as a big part of the game’s lore makes these same characters look and feel completely different. Having one Batman compared to another could be completely different based on appearance or play style.

And that kind of variety really makes Injustice 2 stand out. But the biggest thing about it that stands out is its story mode.

Being directly pulled from the console version of the game anyone can experience the story of Injustice 2 just by playing the mobile version. It looks incredible and plays just as well giving it a huge appeal to any DC fans looking for a good DC game.

1. Marvel Contest of Champions

And the top of the list here is one of the biggest mobile fighting games on the market right now. Marvels Contest of Champions is probably the most well controlled and easy to handle fighting game on mobile devices.

Being based in the Marvel universe you’re given a huge roster of characters, anywhere from the Avengers to the X-men and anywhere in between. A number of playable characters in the game are amazing and it’s going to draw you in trying to get more of them to play as.

Marvel Contest of Champions also comes with its own story mode specifically for the game. And outside of story mode, there are a handful of different game modes to play through.

To top off the already great game this is, the fact that it’s free only makes it better. Having in app purchases like most mobile games do is fine, but what you get just by playing for free is great and a good incentive for players to keep playing.

I highly recommend this to any Marvel fans out there with mobile devices. It’s one of the best games on the market and you will not be disappointed.