A happy kid wearing a red shirt.

This YouTuber Brings Back Memories Of Gaming As A Kid

EthanGamer reminds me of the days of being a carefree kid getting simple enjoyment from games.  Because, well, he is a kid getting simple enjoyment from games.

We all have to grow up.  It sucks in some aspects but is awesome in others.  No matter how much time goes by, I think we all secretly yearn for the days of our youth.

As we grow older we become more cynical, and that is no more evident than in our taste of games.  Mass Effect: Andromeda is a prime example; the title has been pulled apart for something as simple as having awkward facial animations.  When I was a kid, some characters didn’t even have faces and, you know what?  Those games were a TON of fun.

I stumbled upon EthanGamer and initially kept scrolling.  Then I decided to check out how many subscribers he has; approaching 1.5 million.   Figuring this kid must be pretty awesome, I watched the video below and, for a moment, I saw myself as a kid.

EthanGamer plays pretty simple games, but the amount of joy he gets from those games is evident for everyone who watches him.  This is what gaming is about – not facial animations or 4K graphics or anything else that gamers these days can’t seem to get around.

Watch a few videos.  They may help you to relive a few moments from your childhood.