A PC built into an Xbox 360 games console.

Dude Turns Xbox 360 Into A Beautiful Gaming PC

They said you couldn’t upgrade a console.  They were wrong.

Redditor iTz_BRuZeR has produced an absolutely stunning Xbox 360 modification by stripping out the guts of Microsoft’s system and replacing it with a gaming PC.  That blue glow is amazing too.

Check it out:

Dude Turns Xbox 360 Into A Beautiful Gaming PC

The build isn’t too shabby either, boasting the following specs:

  • Intel Core i5 2500
  • Asus Micro ITX MOBO
  • MSI GTX 1050 2gb low profile card
  • Modular 750W PSU
  • 16gb DDR3 Hyper X RAM
  • 240GB SSD

The only disappointment for me is that graphics card.  Some argue that the GTX 1050 can challenge a PlayStation 4 but a 1060 would have provided an extra boost of power to secure significantly improved visuals.  But, maybe that’s the PC gamer in me speaking…

Still…that is a gorgeous PC.  If you agree the good news is that it’s for sale!  For more information or to comment on the build, visit the Reddit thread.

Written by John Santina

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