Check Out These Stunning Retro Wooden Cartridge Pi Cases

This article has been re-upped because we think it’s too awesome to forget.

We regularly promote artistic pieces of video game art but these wooden NES and SNES cartridge Raspberry Pi cases are something special.

Created by artist Pigminted, these cases are truly stunning – the more you zoom in the more you have the admire the intricate detail and workmanship that has gone into their creation.

Pingminted sells pre-made cases but can also make your favourite game as a custom order.

Just message me/leave a note telling me which NES cartridge you would like for me to make.

You can pick yourself up a custom NES cartridge for $70, a custom SNES cartridge for $80, or a custom NES or SNES cartridge, Raspberry Pi Zero W, all wires and 1 controller for just$160.  That’s an incredible price for a hit of nostalgia in a gorgeous piece of art.

You can check out Pigminted’s store on Etsy.